Skin Care Update

It has been a month since I change up my skin care routine. I had to tweak it a bit more after I got some new skin care goodies in February. I thought I would give an update on a few of the products I picked up then.


I picked up the Ulta Beauty Advanced Cleaning Dual-Action Facial Cleansing System for $25.00. It is similar to the Sonicare brush that everyone talks about. It has 2 changeable spinning heads. One is a soft brush and the other is a soft sponge pad. The brush is meant for liquid and cream cleansers. The soft pad is meant for heavier creams like moisturizers. I had a lot of doubts about this brush head. I thought that the brush would end up causing a rosacea flair because my skin is super sensitive. And I figured the soft sponge would end up being easier on my skin. I was wrong. The brush is absolutely wonderful. It hasn’t caused a single flair and I can even use it lightly over my nose. That was a scary prospect. I figured it would grab my nose stud and rip my piercing out. Scary. Scary. Scary. But that was not the case. It glides over my piercing without an issue and I haven’t had such a blackhead free nose in years. The sponge pad is a different matter entirely. This thing is uncomfortable for me. It kind of feels like it is picking up my skin! I haven’t even dared get close to my piercing with it. It is sitting in a drawer picking up dust at this point. Cleaning the brush head is super simple. Pop it off the mechanical handle, run it under warm water with some antibacterial soap, and voila, clean! I do need to add this caution: If you have hair of much length, keep it pulled back when using this brush. It will get caught in the spinner and get ripped out. I made that mistake and lost a small hank of hair. :/

16735673_10100944749442909_1150420416_oI picked up 3 new cleansers in February.

Of the 3, I like the Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser the least. This was $7.99 and is actually meant to help reduce redness in sensitive skin. However, my face does not feel clean after using this foam cleanser. It does not remove eye makeup and I have a serious suspicion that it won’t remove heavy foundations either by itself either. With the brush head, it does an alright job but I have to put the foam all over my face and then go at it with the brush. I can’t put it on the brush head. The moment it starts spinning, the foam flies everywhere. There is still a great deal of mess applying it to the face first but it is not quite as “how did it get on the ceiling?!” bad.

I picked up a travel-size bottle of The Body Shop’s Tea 16763507_10100944749378039_1174576656_oTree Skin Clearing Face Wash for $5.00. I went with the travel size because I wasn’t sure if I could use this cleanser with my sensitive skin and the full size product is $14.00. I didn’t want to waste the money on a product I couldn’t end up using. This is the consistency of thin hand soap. It works the best of the 3 with my cleansing brush. I run this over the top of the bristles and it soaks down into the brush head. When I turn the spinning action on, this does not sling around the room like the foam. Afterwards, my face feels clean but a bit tight. My face feeling a bit tight is understandable though. Anything that has acne fighting chemicals is going to be drying on the face. Because of that, I don’t use the more than twice a week. I like it, but I like my skin better. 😉

16735325_10100944749457879_1640004762_oThe last cleanser I got is my favorite of the 3. I am quickly finding that the Mario Badescu line is a miracle in a bottle. The aloe toner I have been using has lead me through 3 glorious months of mostly redness-free skin. It doesn’t prevent flairs but it helps me deal with the aftermath in ways that even the Dermologica Ultra Calming Mist could not. I got the Cleansing Milk with Carnation and Rice Oil for $12.00. This cleanser jumps off my brush head a bit more than the Body Shop TTO cleanser but this one leaves my face feeling clean and soft afterwards. It is the best for removing eye makeup too. It also takes the longest to wash off afterwards. *shrug*

With the Ohio weather playing games on us, my skin is being put through the wringer this past month. I had to change my day time moisturizer that I wasn’t incredibly crazy about anyways. The old one has SPF and the new one doesn’t. But the new one, St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer, was $5 or 6.00 at WalMart. Adding this to my skincare routine has had a dramatic effect. I am not itching. My skin feels soft all day. And at that price (and at 10 whopping ounces), this makes me incredibly happy. The other moisturizer I was using was only 6 ounces and cost almost twice as much with less effects. This St. Ives moisturizer is light but I can feel it hours later. I’ve been using it as a hand cream too as my hands are getting very dry in the cold/wet winds. I just really wish it had some SPF.

I am using a new night time moisturizer. It is similar to my old Neutrogena moisturizer. It is a heavy cream that says it is a day/night cream but I only use it at night. I can’t imagine trying to put makeup over the top of this moisturizer. The L’Oreal Collagen Moisture Filler was $9 or 10.00 at WalMart. It was coincidence that this is also a collagen product. I’m not on the “I can’t have wrinkles” train yet so I didn’t go looking for collagen products. What I was looking for was a night time moisturizer that wasn’t in the $20.00 or higher range. This was literally the only thing on the shelf that claimed to be a night time moisturizer that was under $24.00 at the time. I like it well enough but it is going to run out way faster than I’d like. If I get 6 weeks out of this product, I will be surprised.

Recently, I added the Elf Illuminating Eye Cream. It was $8.88 at WalMart, a bit less than the $10.00 it runs on Elf’s website. I don’t know if that means the Elf skincare line isn’t doing well on the shelf or what. At any rate, I’m down for saving a buck so that was cool. This eye cream is light and slightly oily. It absorbs well, a little too well. I didn’t realize just how dry I am around my eyes. Oy. But I’ve been using this for only a few days at this point so I really can’t give my opinion on it yet. It hasn’t made me break out. So there is that. 🙂

Right now, my skin is feeling kind of awesome. Other than 1 rosacea flair, I have been having great skin for the last couple weeks. 😀

❤ Dee


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