Solo Traveler #59: Ulta Brow Tint

16776151_10100944749353089_1154966973_oI grabbed up the Ulta Brow Tint for $10.00 ($56.82/oz) during a B2G2 free sale at back in January. Mine is in the shade medium. This product scored a 19.

Um… I love this product. If you are familiar with Stuff in a Powder Puff, you know the struggle is very real for me when it comes to eyebrows. I am not interested in Instagram eyebrows but I have issues. My eyebrows are thin and patchy. After using the Rimmel London Lash Accelerator for 2 months, my eyebrows filled in well but much of the hair growth was blonde so it still looks like they are patchy. This product has been a Godsend!

The pros:

  • The color is perfect for me. I’ve always struggled with what shade to get. My hair is light brown. I’m pretty fair-skinned. I don’t go in for blonde eyebrow products but light brown is still just too light. Many of them end up being ashy gray on me even. This time, I went outside of my box and picked up medium. It is a perfect match to my hair. Ahhh!
  • When it dries, my eyebrow hair isn’t stiff. That is one issue I have with the clear Ulta Brow Gel. It does a great job of controlling where my hair goes but it literally makes my eyebrows stiff as a board. That tends to itch my sensitive skin after a while. This brow tint does not dry like that and I am very pleased with it.
  • It doesn’t smell at all.
  • The smaller sized spoolie (compared to the Ulta Brow Gel) works so much better for eyebrows. It is about 1/3 of the size of the other one so you aren’t smearing product half way into your eyelid during application.

The cons:

  • Ulta says this product is mess free. That is not true. Maybe the light shade isn’t an issue but the medium definitely shows up on the skin if you accidentally touch it to your skin instead of the hairs.
  • This product takes a bit of practice to get it right. If you use too much, you can tell. If you don’t use enough, then you waste your time. If you forget to apply it in one spot, it is noticeable.
  • Ulta also says this product “fits perfectly between each brow hair” but that is also not a true statement. They meant the spoolie that you use to apply the product does this but it really doesn’t do that. Once again, with practice, you can get this product to hit each hair without the mess but until you put the practice in, you’re just going to end up smearing the tint onto the skin under your eyebrows.

It goes without saying that this product is not going to work any magic. If you don’t have the eyebrow hairs there already, this has nothing to grab hold of! It is made to make the brow hairs darker in color and maybe give some length, not to fill in bald/thin spots. If you have the bald/thin spot issue, then you will still need to use a pencil to fill in those places. Otherwise, this product may actually make your issue more visible!

I highly recommend checking this product out. I don’t know how the other 2 shades (light and deep) work shade-wise for people that don’t look like me but this was one my favorite products I got in that January Ulta order. I will definitely be keeping this in stock.

❤ Dee


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