Solo Traveler #58: Essence Get Big Lashes Mascaras x2

During a visit to Ulta, I let my impulses get the better of me and I picked up 2 Essence mascaras that I didn’t know anything about prior to buying. I’m trying to get better about this.

I’m combining these reviews. Keep reading to find out why.

16930896_10100951285005589_144007466_oI picked up the Get Big Lashes Triple Black mascara for $3.99 ($9.98/oz). It scored a 21.

I am going to say this and hope no one screams at me: This is a $4 dupe for Urban Decay Perversion mascara. Yeah, really.

The product goes on super dark and thickens the lashes. It has a chemical smell that fades without bothering my eyes. It lasts well into a 12-hour day and then some. It doesn’t clump with a 2nd coat but it really doesn’t need that 2nd coat either. It doesn’t bleed under the eyes despite the long hours. It doesn’t flake off either. Removing it at the end of the night isn’t the easiest but makeup remover and a cotton pad take it off well without yanking out lashes. The spoolie has the natural bristles that I like. I wish it were pointed on the end but it is chubby. Eh, can’t win them all.

I am very happy with this mascara.

I also picked up the Get Big Lashes VolumeCurl mascara. It was $3.99 ($9.98/oz) like it’s sister mascara. It scored an 18.

While they scored differently, they performed similarly. This product is super dark. Because of the curved shape of the natural bristle spoolie, the curl this product provides is best described as extreme. It also doesn’t need a 2nd coat and it doesn’t clump. I haven’t had an issue with bleeding under the eyes or flaking despite the long hours I work. Removal is the same as the Triple Black. Use a makeup remover and it comes off well. It scored a bit lower mainly due to the fact that it doesn’t actually thicken the lashes. It says it does but really, it doesn’t.

I like this mascara but I don’t love it.

I have found the perfect harmony between these two products (which is why I’m reviewing them together). When layered, the eyelash look these two mascaras create is very dramatic. Apply the VolumeCurl first to get that beautiful natural curl. Let it dry. Then, carefully apply the Triple Black. This gives curl, length, volume, and incredible color payout that can easily be mistaken for falsies. I’m not usually a fan of needing 2 different products to create a look but this works well for an $8 investment.

I will definitely be buying these two in tandem. I recommend them to anyone!

❤ Dee


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