What a Crazy Day!

Ya’ll today has been absolutely nuts.

On Saturdays, as a standard rule, we try to sleep in. That doesn’t work very often though. Kid 1 usually ends up telling us on Friday that she has a color guard competition Saturday and has to be at the school at 7am. So I should say, Kid 2 and I try to sleep in on Saturdays. Mom doesn’t always have that option. But she usually brings McD’s burritos home those mornings so I still win here. 😀

I was up at 8am this morning. That is pretty much my version of sleeping in regardless but I actually set an alarm to be up at 8am. Why? Because the post office is the bane of my existence and I had to call them. Repeatedly.

I ordered clothes from Lakeside. Tracking said they reached the outskirts of Cincinnati on Tuesday. It was transferred to Cincinnati on Wednesday. Thursday, it had changed hands from UPS to my local post office. So I expected it to arrive Friday. When it didn’t, I wasn’t too bothered. Until I checked my tracking again and saw “Your package was undeliverable, please contact the sender.” Uh…

So up at 8am I get and this is what happened…

  • I called Lakeside. The lady there had no idea. She said call the post office.
  • I call my local post office. They say they have no idea and to call UPS.
  • UPS says it isn’t their problem since they’ve turned it over to the post office. They say to call the post office.
  • I call my local post office a 2nd time. They say well, we don’t do route deliveries so you should call this other post office.
  • I call this other post office 4 times with no answer after 20 rings (literally) each.
  • I call my local post office a 3rd time and beg them to help. They give me a different number to the other post office and a name.
  • I call the other post office for the 5th time. It rings busy. I call again. For the 6th time. Someone finally answers. He listens to my desperate plea to get my package home, puts me on hold, and comes back with good news. He put hands on my package, discovered the new guy confused my address with an address on a different route, and when he couldn’t find it, he marked it undeliverable. I assume someone got an ass chewing today. At any rate, my package was safe and I was promised it would be delivered today.

Catastrophe averted! If it had gone back to Lakeside, they would have needed 5 business days after the package was returned to process my return. Then they would need another 5 business days to process a new purchase and send it back out again. Which would take another 5-7 days for shipping. I would be nearing mid-April before I got these clothes and confirmed fit for my vacation. Nooooooo.

IMG_4616I hesitantly accepted the post master’s apology and promise of delivery for today. I took time to do makeup before heading out to town with Mom and the kids. My makeup looked really nice today. ❤ Mom loved her gel mani I got her for her birthday but she hates the idea of paying for them. She made her’s last 5 weeks! But we went to the salon while the girls wandered the mall. They came back only because they were out of money and wanted more. After arguing with them about the concept of NO, we looked at cell phones at the Verizon store for Mom. She is having storage issues with her phone. Instead of getting a new phone, they stuck a 32gb sim card in there and space should not be a problem anymore. We also got new phone cases because she keeps hitting random buttons on her phone and changing settings that I then have to figure out. Her phone is an Android phone. I haven’t used Android in 8 years so I struggle every time she needs help. And I got me a new case that has a wallet sleeve. Wallet problem for vacation solved.

From there, we went to WalMart for kitty litter and ant traps. We live out in the country and are surrounded by trees. Ants are a thing in Spring and it pisses me off every year. These traps work well though without spreading poison throughout the rest of the house where the dogs or cats can get to it.

By the time we headed home, 5 hours had passed. I kept saying the whole way home “Those stupid dogs had better not have gotten into the trash and my package better be there.” I’m sure I was annoying. We got home and it was a magical event. My package was sitting by the front door and the dogs hadn’t tore anything up! Yay!

I tried everything on. Lakeside has standard US measurements but I read the comments section and went by their judgement on sizing. If they said it ran small, I ordered a size up. If they said it ran big, I ordered a size down. And they were spot on! Everything fits perfectly. Well, the dresses are 6″ longer on me than the models but I am 4’10” so I expected that. I might get them altered. So my dressy clothes for vacation are finally here. I need pants and then I’m good to go.

But I can’t get pants yet. See, I somehow managed to talk myself into joining an old friend at a Zumba class. I don’t know how often but she mentioned 3 times a week. It could work with my schedule. So by the time my cruise gets here, I could be a size smaller if I work hard and then my pants will be too big again. So I’m going to wait a few weeks, see if this Zumba stuff actually happens, and then I’ll commit to pants.

Vacation planning is brutal. I can’t wait to go. But I’m glad to be finished with this crazy day!

❤ Dee


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