Solo Traveler #57: ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip

16936180_10100951284955689_1702382830_oColourPop had an after-Christmas sale and I couldn’t stop myself from dipping in. I picked up a few things that I’ve already tried out (super shock shadows and ultra satin lipsticks). I also picked up 2 new liquid lipsticks in the matte formula. These retail at $6.00 ($54.55/oz) each and I picked up the shades Viper and Times Square as part of the Out and About lip trio. It also came with Barracuda, an ultra satin lip.

I have been curious about these matte liquid lipsticks from ColourPop but hesitant to grab any because I’ve heard mixed reviews.

The pros:

  • The pigmentation is phenomenal.
  • These actually dry matte. Transfer lasts about 20-30 minutes but after that, transfer is minimal.
  • They last for hours, even through most food so long as it is dry foods. It will still come off if there are oils involved.

The cons:

  • These are super drying on the lips. Even with a lip balm under this, my lips shrunk up and looked very old.
  • These need careful application. If you use too much, the product will move around before it dries and leave clumps and lines on the lips. If you don’t use enough, the product will look streaky.
  • Like all ColourPop liquid lipsticks, the label will fade off after touching it only a handful of times. This picture was taken at the end of February, about 6 weeks after I had gotten this lippie and had only used it about 4 or 5 times at that point. 😡

I scored the Ultra Matte Lip at a 20. By comparison, the Ultra Satin Lip scored an 18. The lower score is due to the USL not being on sale when I got it and the issue of transfer. However, I prefer the USL over the UML because of how dry the UML made my lips. Shriveled lips is not cute. I’m not calling this product a fail as it might work out with a heavier lip balm. For now though, I’m not reaching for the UML very often.

❤ Dee


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