Happy (Belated) International Women’s Day!

I was late to the train on this whole International Women’s Day thing. I didn’t know it was a thing at all. Yeah, I don’t pay attention sometimes. Apparently this has been going on every March 8th (or there abouts) since 1909 or something in many countries around the world. Huh.

A friend of mine was appalled that I didn’t know what this movement was about and took it upon herself to inform me. Cool stuff. I’m all for celebrating and empowering women so this is a cool holiday. To celebrate my enlightenment, my friend offered to buy my lunch that day (and it might have been a belated birthday lunch too shhhh). We were talking about the blog and my new (to her) makeup collection and came around to my self-imposed makeup-buying exile.

I mentioned that Mom bought me a few pieces of makeup for my birthday since I couldn’t buy any for myself. It was not pleasant admitting that I was irresponsible. My birthday gift at Ulta was going untouched until I got my manicure and I couldn’t use my Platinum Perk $10 off gift certificate. Yeah whine whine whine. That was me. 😀 And in hindsight, I think I could have used that $10 gift certificate on my manicure but whatever.

So my friend, being a generous person, offered to go with me to Ulta and she’d buy me a birthday gift. I had to use my coupon, could get my free birthday item, and then she’d pay the rest of the balance. But the catch was that she chose the gift with no input from me. Sure, I’m game, so long as she isn’t shelling out much. She promised it would be less than $15.00 and off we went to Ulta.

So my birthday gift was the Benefit the Porefessional primer like I figured it would be. However, this is a 7.5ml tube. Last year, I got a 3ml tube in a sampler and was incredibly unimpressed by the tiny thing. This is a huge improvement and I might actually try it and rate it now that I have enough product to use it more than a 3 times. My friend bought me a Too Faced Melted Matte lipstick. I made a post recently about how I wanted to try a few of the others so now I can. She bought the bright red shade, Lady Balls, in honor of the International Women’s Day 2017 theme of Be Bold For Change. This is very bright red.


The picture really doesn’t do this lipstick justice. It is bright red.

IMG_4598I wore it to work today and I have to say, it is beautiful. Definitely a statement color. I don’t know if I can it wear daily though. When we bought it and I put it on, I had a maroon top on and the two colors clashed horribly. However, quite a bit of my wardrobe is maroon or other dark red-ish shades. So maybe I can’t wear this every day… but I can wear it often!

Happy (Belated) International Women’s day everyone!

❤ Dee


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