Room Redesign

Ah my bedroom, my sanctuary. ❤

My whole life is mostly compacted into 1 room. Heirlooms, sentimental momentos, family photos, everything is in my bedroom. I have a hope chest in the living room where all of my craft supplies go because the girls like to use that stuff too. I also have a small steamer trunk (ages old, I’m sure) that I keep all of my shoes in out in the dinning room. That is due to space issue. I literally have no room for that box in my room at this point and they have to be in a box, otherwise the dogs think they are chew toys.

I have too much furniture, too much stuff. Everything is crammed inside a room that is probably about 11’x12′. My office at work is almost the same size. I dream about having a beautiful, minimalist room with a makeup vanity, a huge lighted vanity mirror, and a place to have everything just so.

This is what my room looks like now (not 100% to scale but its fairly close):


I am a little cramped for space and some things are positioned awkwardly. For example, see that big open space between my bed and the wall with my bookshelf? There is a wire rack shelf there so I had to put my bed out about a foot from the wall. My “desk” is actually a dinning room table. Seriously. The leaf is stashed in my closet. And that mini-fridge doesn’t actually work anymore. My dirty laundry basket moves from in front of my closet to the side of my bed to the end of my bed daily.

When I get in from my vacation, I am going on a late Spring-cleaning purge. That includes makeup but also clothes, books, and furniture. I’m tossing the mini-fridge and taking the shelf down so I can move my bed over. I am replacing the table with a corner desk to free up some more room. I have a hanging rack on the back of my door (enter and exit door). I’m either going to move that to the outside of my closet door or get another one and put it on the outside of the closet.

I have been looking at desks and haven’t completely decided what I want yet. I know I want to use up the corner area more efficiently. A corner desk with a hutch on one side and an open area for a vanity mirror would be ideal.


This computer desk is close to what I want but I don’t need the huge monitor space and the other side is shorter than I’d really want.


This is the size that I want with plenty of space underneath for more storage. The little shelf on the end is cool too but I’d rather it be on the inside of the legs, not the outside.


I also like this, similar to the previous one. No shelf so it wouldn’t matter which side. I don’t know about that middle section though. Part of why I don’t like my table is that I am so short so there is tons of unused space at the back of my table. Although, that would be the ideal place for a large vanity mirror.


This is a cheaper option the the previous 3. I’m not crazy about that obvious computer section on the right but it could be decorative storage. The size is right and it wouldn’t be that difficult to put together.


I am looking real hard at this one. If I got 2 of them, it would still be cheaper than any of the others. I could put them corner to corner similar to the metal frame desk above. I could cover that open back corner with a wooden slab pretty easily. This has a lot of potential.

Whatever I decide to get, I’ll probably sand it, paint it, and if there is a hutch, add some decorative background rather than the cardboard background that is pretty standard on these cheap desks.

This is what I hope my room looks like afterwards:


This will give me a great deal more room (for my makeup) and create a permanent space under my desk for my laundry basket. If I’m lucky, I might find a short nightstand than can fit under the desk too for extra storage space. I might even be able to move my shoe trunk back into my room and put it in that open space beside my little 3-drawer container.

If I do all this, then it is probably going to make sense that I should paint my bedroom. It has been a storage room, a spare bedroom, a play room, etc. over the years and has not been repainted in a decade or longer. Between time and cigarette smoke, the walls are not pretty. I guess I should start thinking about paint colors. And figure out how the carpet shampooer works. That might be a good idea too. lol

Oh the possibilities…

 ❤ Dee


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