Solo Traveler #56: ELF Baked Highlighter

16936303_10100951285035529_548140134_oELF had a 50% off after-Christmas (Boxing Day) sale and I took advantage of that! I picked up the Baked Highlighter in Blushed Gems during this sale. It normally retails for $4.00 ($19.05/oz) but I got it for $2.00.

I had a lot to be skeptical of when this highlighter arrived. It is a baked product which has been very much a miss for me coming from ELF. It is also not my typical cream-color highlighter shade. This one is true to it’s name: pink. Don’t be fooled by the picture above. This is not a champagne shade… my lighting just sucks that much.

It is in the ELF’s black packaging though so I kept my fingers crossed. I’ve had very good luck with ELF’s products in the black packages (except the concealer).

This highlighter did not disappoint me. It scored a 16 but I feel that is low for this. It is a very nice highlighter. The shimmer is strong and I don’t have to work hard to get product on the brush as I did with the baked eyeshadows from this brand.

However, the fall out game is strong with this highlighter in the beginning. The top layer came off in almost a whole sheet. It got everywhere and I was unamused. Once that layer came off though, I haven’t had much of an issue with fall out. Another slight negative is that this product smells. It isn’t incredibly strong and once it is applied, I can’t smell it. But when I’m getting product on the brush, I can smell it. It is a very sharp floral smell that makes me sneeze. If I remember to hold it away from me when I pick up product, this is not an issue.

I’ve used this highlighter a lot since getting it but only by dry application. The pink shade does not show up like a blush. It blends very well with blush though. It says that it can be applied wet (as most baked products can) but I think it does a great job without the extra oomph that a wet application adds. I am not in that “blind them with your glow” crowd. I just want something that looks like a natural highlight and this fits the bill exactly.

In all, I am very happy with this highlighter and I recommend you check it out!

❤ Dee


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