I Peeked @ March Subs

Every month I say I’m not going to look at my Ipsy and Morphe subscriptions before they arrive. And every month I look anyways. I am very happy with the March bags.

Ipsy’s March bag is beautiful. Way better than last month’s denim and orange combo. The theme Tres Jolie matches that pink bag perfectly. Once again, Ipsy is sending me a tool, a not makeup item, and 3 makeup items. And once again, I am highly suspicious of 1 item, meh on 1 item, and very excited about 3 items. Ipsy is consistent, if nothing else. lol For what it is worth, I’ve used 4/5 of my Ipsy items in both January and February with no problem despite my skepticism when they’ve shown up. We shall see how these turn out in a couple weeks.

Morphe is sending 4 brushes this month and 2 of them are eyeshadow brushes. Ahhh! So happy about that.

Okay, that’s all I’m saying now. I’ll be back with my March subs later this month when they actually arrive. 😀

❤ Dee


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