Solo Traveler #55: ELF Brow Lift Pencil

16935688_10100951285000599_1189700881_oELF had a 50% off after-Christmas (Boxing Day) sale and I took advantage of that! I picked up the Brow Lift Pencil in Taupe during this sale. It normally retails for $2.00 ($333.33/oz) but I got it for $1.00.

Many of ELF’s products are hit or miss. Most of the miss products have been the ones in the white packaging which is typically their lower priced products. I was fairly certain this brow pencil would end up being a dud but it was too cheap not to try.

And I am incredibly glad I tried it out! This pencil is the perfect combination of wax and pigment. It isn’t too heavy so it blends easily. The shade taupe is exactly what I’ve been looking for to fill in my sparse brows. The spoolie on the end makes for ease when combing brow hairs. I gave it a score of 21!

I have no complaints about this product at all. It is economically priced. It doesn’t smell. It is a roll up product. It has a spoolie. The spoolie could be slightly shorter for my preference but it works just fine. I wish it had a sharpener but nothing is going to be 100% perfect when it is only $2.00!

I highly recommend giving this brow product a try!

❤ Dee


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