(Bad) Makeup Advice

Welcome back to my weekly segment on (Bad) Makeup Advice I’ve heard through the years.

Don’t match your makeup to your clothes.

Hmm… I hear this from time to time. But then trends change and matching is the thing to do. It goes back and forth.

So it usually goes like this:

  • If you are wearing a bold top, you must have a neutral eye/lip.
  • If you are wearing a neutral top, wear a bold eye OR bold lip (but not both) and make sure whichever makeup is neutral doesn’t match your neutral shirt.

But the matching trend goes against that. The matching trend happened in the 80’s with teal eyeshadows and teal lyrica tops. And no one wants to repeat the 80s, right? *crickets* Then in the 90s with pastels. I’m pretty sure it was big back in about 2010 too. And it is looking to make a come back in 2017 as well.

According to some places, a 2017 makeup trend is monochromatic makeup. For me personally, this is a yuck. I can’t imagine using the same shade for my eyeshadow, blush, and lips. Yet, it isn’t that far of a stretch to see this drifting down into clothing as well. All I can think of is freaking Barbie pink eyeshadow, pink blush, pink lips, and a pink dress. Ahhhhh! Not for me. No no no no no. I will be at the “uncool” table for that trend, thanks so much.

I don’t personally make an effort to match anything. I’m lucky if my outfit is color coordinated on a daily basis so trying to coordinate that with makeup also is just too much work. I put on clothes. I put on makeup. The choice of one does not dictate the choice of another. For clothes, I put on whatever is clean, works for that day’s weather, and I touch first. For makeup, I just do whatever comes to mind at the time (usually the night before when I lay out makeup for the next morning). I have gotten my morning makeup routine down to a reasonable time frame by setting out my makeup and not making changes afterwards. I choose my clothes the next morning. Matching those on purpose just does not happen.

However, if you like that look or any other color, do it. Don’t worry about my distaste for pink or the neighbor’s opinion. If it makes you happy, wear it! I do have some unsolicited suggestions if you dig the matchy-matchy stuff though.

  1. Matching lip color to pants color spreads the matching out so that it isn’t glaringly obvious.
  2. Matching subtle eyeshadow (so uh… not lash line to brow bone) with a cute top works great.
  3. Matching a specific color from a patterned shirt (where there are other colors too) can look really awesome and make that specific color pop. Bonus points if you match the shape of the pattern. Think a chevron style shirt with a triangle eye look. That could be really rad.
  4. Using a matching eyeliner, while keeping the rest of an eye look neutral, can be a real eye-catching way of playing matchy-matchy.

Wear the makeup you want to wear.

There are so many ways of playing this game. And that is part of why makeup is so much fun. If you want to rock a zebra print graphic eye look to match your zebra print pants, do it. And send me a picture because I’d love to see that.

❤ Dee


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