This Or That: Vacation Edition

I am forcing myself to stop moping over the doctor visit on Monday so let’s talk about makeup. I am so excited about going on vacation in May. That is such a long way off so I am counting down my days by reading about the areas I’m visiting, looking at open/close schedules, checking the weather, and browsing cruise blogs for first timers.

Tonight, I decided to start thinking about what makeup I’m going to take with me. My very first thought when I realized I’d need to take makeup with me was: What if I take my amazing making and my bag gets lost or the makeup gets damaged and then I’m not going to have makeup on my cruise and I won’t have that makeup anymore at all…

Yeah, slight panic attack.

Safe to assume that I am not taking anything expensive on this trip. I am taking my normal battery of skin care stuff: cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. I found some travel size stuff. They aren’t my normal brands but they’ll work for a few days.

Focusing on makeup Dee… I have to take something so I’ve got options.


  • Do I take a a tiny sample size bottle of Benefit’s POREfessional primer that I got free from Ulta, taking a chance that I’ll run out… or
  • Do I take a full size primer from ELF or Ulta which will take up more space and add more weight to my luggage?
  • Or do I skip primer by taking the BB cream below?


  • Do I take my heavy bottle of ELF foundation (because I’m not taking my Kat Von D or Tarte foundations) that also adds into the space/weight mix… or
  • Try to make the Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream sample I got from Ipsy work the whole time and not need primer and have 35 SPF on my face?
  • Or I could take the travel size of that BB cream Mom bought me I guess but it is almost $20 for a travel size. 😡


  • Do I leave the concealer at home (if I take the BB cream above)… or
  • Take my NYX concealer (because I’m not taking my Tarte concealer)?


  • Do I take the chance on my ELF loose powder getting all over my luggage… or
  • Take my ELF pressed powder and take the chance of that getting broken up?


  • Do I take my Wet N Wild contour stick… or
  • Do I take my Wet N Wild contour pressed powder palette?
  • Or I could just skip contour all together.


  • Do I take one of my cheap blush samples from Japonesque, Manna Kadar, or Ulta… or
  • Do I take a full-size blush from Ulta or L’oreal?
  • Or I could take that blush/highlighter duo Ulta just sent me for free.


  • Do I take my new Luna highlighter I got from Ipsy… or
  • Do I take my highlighter from Makeup Revolution?
  • Or I could take that blush/highlighter duo Ulta just sent me for free.


  • Do I take my biggest ELF bronzer that is too dark but has an amazing mirror?
  • Do I take a smaller ELF bronzer that is the right color but doesn’t have as good of a mirror?
  • Do I forget bronzer and plan on getting a real tan on the beach instead?

Eyeshadow Primer

  • Do I take the free sample size Ulta just sent me… or
  • Do I dare take my Urban Decay Primer Potion?
  • Or do I dare (even more dare) to not take eyeshadow primer at all?


  • Do I take a few ColourPop super shock shadows… or
  • Do I take a few Ulta single eyeshadows… or
  • Do I take 1 or 2 Wet N Wild trios?
  • Or I could take that eyeshadow palette Ulta just sent me for free or the one Ulta sent me last year for free. One of the shadows is called seaside after all.


  • Do I take my J.Cat Beauty eyeliner and stick with just 1 brown all week… or
  • Do I take a black felt tip liner to have some variety?
  • Should I even bother with eyeliner on a cruise ship!?


  • Do I take one of the many sample size mascaras I have been sent/given or bought over the past few months?
  • Do I take that waterproof BellaPierre mascara from Ipsy even though it is a $20 mascara and not incredibly waterproof?
  • Do I just take one of my cheap Essence mascaras and call it a day?


  • Do I take my ELF brow lift pencil and Ulta brow tint to use as normal… or
  • Should I just take one of them maybe?
  • Do I even want to bother with eyebrows while on a cruise?

Lip primer

  • There is no this or that here. I only have 1 lip primer. Thankfully, I bought an extra back in January. ColourPop lip primer it is.

Lip liner

  • Do I take a couple lip liners that match my lipsticks?
  • Do I take any at all?


  • Do I take a full arsenal of lipsticks or just stick to a couple?
  • Do I bother with cream lipsticks at all?
  • If I only take a few, should I take the ELF matte lip colors or a couple ColourPop liquid lipsticks?
  • Should I just find a lip balm with SPF instead?

Setting Spray

  • Do I need to bring this with me? It is going to take up room and weight in my bag. I’m free the whole time so I can just as easily just touch up my makeup.
  • But, I’m going to be in a wet environment with humidity that I don’t normally experience so my makeup may struggle where it doesn’t normally at home. So maybe I should take it with me anyways.

Ahhh so many questions. No real answers yet. I think the easy answer is to take stuff that was free above others if possible. And also, limiting space and weight in my bag is important so dual products are a good idea. The 2 palettes Ulta just sent me might be exactly what I need for eyeshadow, highlighter, and blush. Maybe I can sacrifice a few items to try to keep things under control. Good thing Ulta sent me a large makeup bag too!

I have around 8 weeks to make these decisions so I’m not sweating it yet. But I’m noodling on it. I’ll be ready to go when my flight heads out, I swear.

❤ Dee


4 thoughts on “This Or That: Vacation Edition

  1. I only take a few eyeshadow options on vacation. Usually just one small palette. I also only take 1 blush, highlighter, and bronzer/contour. It is usually hot and you are cative so most of your makeup is going to melt away. It worls better for me to keep my makeup at a minimum.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is kind of what I’m thinking. I’m more concerned about having makeup for the dinning room on the cruise ship at night. I have to wear dressy clothes. -.-


  2. I am an over-packer to the extreme…but what I’ve learned over the years is that I tend to wear very little makeup when I’ve been in the sun all day. Pretty much just BB cream, cream eye shadow, mascara, and a bright lip. It looks like you have some great options to bring along!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have way too many options. lol I think I’m going to have to figure out what clothes I’m packing then maybe that will help me decide on makeup. 😀


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