Window Shopping

I’m still holding strong in the makeup buying exile. I picked up a Baby Lips Lip Balm with SPF 20 today but that is 100% for vacation and not makeup. 😀 I had almost given up finding lip balm with SPF and I saw it in the check out line while picking up aloe for my vacation stash.

Just because I can’t buy anything doesn’t mean I can’t look. I’ve been doing my best to stay off Ulta or Sephora except to get my birthday orders for Mom. I ordered from my favorites list and nothing else. So I’m doing good here.

I have been looking at:


I have been watching the Juvia’s Place Old Egypt inspired eyeshadow palettes for ever. Their prices aren’t bad and I’ve heard really good things about them. Pictured is The Nubian Palette ($30.00), The Nubian 2 Palette ($35.00), and The Masquerade Palette ($30.00 for small pans, $35.00 for large pans). They also have a new The Saharan Palette ($28.00) out now too (not pictured). They put these in discounted bundles and they almost always have something on sale. This picture is from the Juvia’s Place website.

supernovaI’ve been browsing BH Cosmetic’s website too. I don’t own anything from this brand but they are very affordable. Pictured is the Supernova 18 Color Baked Eyeshadow Palette ($20.00). I don’t normally go for baked products over others but these are super pretty shades. Another blogger did a review on this palette the other day and I was hooked! I snagged this picture off of BH Cosmetic’s website.

wetnwild-setAnd then there’s Wet N Wild, an old favorite. They’ve come out with some new stuff for Spring and threw them into a cute little bundle. I don’t know if this is the “Queen of my Heart Collection” or the “Spring Season In A Box” set but either way, it is $29.00. This set includes 3 Mega Glo Cheek/Lip Tints, 3 new Color Icon Eyeshadow trios, a Perfect Pout Lip Palette, 2 Mega Glo Highlighting Powders, and a kabuki brush. Right now, if you want to order it online, you have to get the bundle. Apparently, it is being sold piece-by-piece at certain retailers but hasn’t fully launched yet. I was at CVS today for that aloe and quickly checked the Wet N Wild section. I wasn’t going to buy anything but I wanted to see the trios in real color, not internet color. Sadly, they didn’t have the trios yet. *shrug* I’m not running all over the county to just look at the makeup so I’ll check them out eventually.

wnw-triosAs you can see, these Wet N Wild trios look beautiful. The first one is a pretty pinky nude, the 2nd one makes me think straight up of the beach, and that last one is berry heaven! I snipped this from Wet N Wild’s Instagram page since I can’t find decent shots of the trios on their website. It was a repost of content from Instagram user @beauty_and_rochelle.

I have too many eyeshadows as it is so I have no idea why I’m looking at eyeshadows. lol

❤ Dee


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