Solo Traveler #53: Tarte Tartiest Lash Paint Mascara

16196568_10100924203207729_124663400_oI picked up Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint as part of the Lash Party set from Sephora Favorites. I bought it at Sephora in J.C. Penny. It was a Christmas gift from Mom. This mascara retails at $23.00 ($100.00/oz).

I don’t like this mascara. It scored a 19 and that was generous in my opinion. Out of all of the mascaras in this Lash Party set, this one is the worst.

It doesn’t smell. That is about the best I can say for it.

The applicator is one of those hard plastic ones which I always poke myself in the eye. I can’t get close to my lash line at all. It doesn’t nothing for thickness and only a little for length and definition of lashes. The mascara begins flaking almost as soon as it dries. I get raccoon eyes before lunchtime despite setting spray. Taking it off requires a lot of time and patience.

Overall, this was a horrible experience. Tarte’s foundation and concealer are great. Not so much with this mascara. Not recommended at all.


5 thoughts on “Solo Traveler #53: Tarte Tartiest Lash Paint Mascara

  1. I seriously hate this mascara more than any other I have ever tried (okay maybe it’s not as bad as The Balm’s Mad Lash). I got a half sizer through ipsy and in addition to all the issues you stated the half size tube had an internally threaded top so you can’t wipe excess product off anywhere; it goes on in clumps and get’s all over your skin. HATE.

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    • This one has a weird bottle/cap too. I almost broke it the first time I tried to open it. You have to twist like 1/4 a turn and then pull it a bit and then turn it again to open it. To close it, you just push the cap down until it closes. So very strange.


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