February Favorites

It is the end of February already. Man 2017, you’re killing me. Time is slipping away. I’m very happy to post about my February Favorites though!


Up first, let’s talk about the stuff I could get into 1 picture:

  1. Valentine’s Day candy. I may not be down with the romance but I enjoy getting gifts. Mom and the girls got me candy for Valentine’s Day and I am appreciative. What they don’t appreciate is that it takes me forever to eat candy so we are 14 days past V-Day and I still have most of my candy yet unopened. The mints are open. The eggs and Ferro Rocher are not. It took me a week to finish the snack size bag of chocolate covered peanuts. I like chocolate but I don’t have a huge sweet tooth so candy really lasts with me. I might have some left in April. I did last year. haha
  2. Essence mascaras. I bought these mascaras as impulse purchases and don’t regret it for a second. These are great mascaras. I love Triple Black on its own but putting it together with Volumecurl is some kind of magic. Not bad for $5 mascaras. 😀
  3. I love free makeup. I thought I would hate this lip gloss stain from Ulta. But I don’t. I really like it. I’ve worn it at least three times a week since getting it and I don’t normally wear something over and over like that. My collection is too big to not do the whole variety thing.
  4. Yet again, free makeup. It is awesome. This little generic 6-pan eyeshadow palette from Ulta is boss. The combination of matte and shimmer shades with the included color range is awesome. It is versatile in that I can do natural looks, shimmer-loaded 16935939_10100954270173289_1612681003_olooks, or pop of color looks all from one purse-size palette. The fall out is huge with this thing though so maybe not quite purse safe.
  5. Now, I had to take a different picture for this last favorite. Behold, my flood light! It has made a huge difference in the light in my room and I’m definitely feeling less achy in the eyes. It can get quite warm sitting directly under it though so that is something to consider. *shrug*

What were your favorites in February?

❤ Dee


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