Don’t Trust the Lighting

I’ve complained and explained and promised about the lighting situation in my room. It is the only place that I take pictures of product and 90% where I take pictures of my completed makeup looks.

However, the light sucks. It is yellow light and almost always half-shadow. My selfie game is seriously handicapped by the lighting. And I have prefaced I don’t know how many product photos with a “my lighting sucks, it isn’t really this yellow” type statements. My lighting wasn’t always like this.

About 1-1 1/2 years ago, I had decent light in my room. It wasn’t terribly bright but it wasn’t yellow and the light got everywhere that I needed it to via an old ceiling fan light. Then the light started shorting out. The fan worked but the light stopped. So I had to start using tabletop and floor lamps. I put 2 tabletop lamps on my desk and a floor lamp beside my desk. The combination of lights made everything take a yellow hue and left the other side of my room in shadows. My room isn’t large so it isn’t like half of my room is dark. It just isn’t light.

A month ago, I got real tired of the light situation so I picked up a new ceiling fan. It wasn’t perfect because it had a frosted glass dome but it would be higher up than any lamps. I thought it would fix my situation. Er… well, it helped. I got rid of the floor lamp. I kept one lamp on my desk and moved 1 lamp to my nightstand on the other side of the room. Everything was still yellow but at least it wasn’t half shadow anymore.

And Friday, that new ceiling fan light also shorted out. 😡 The fan works but the light flickers and dies often. Smacking the dome will sometimes make the light come back on. Definitely a short. So now I have to wait to have time to replace the ceiling fan once again. *sigh*

Until I find a suitable ceiling fan (because WalMart’s selection is awful), I had to find something that worked. Without the overhead ceiling fan light, I was down to 1 desk lamp on either side of my room. I was tempted to forgo light altogether rather than deal with the half-light that was killing my eyes.

I ended up picking up an indoor flood light. I installed it about 3 feet below my ceiling on the wall over my desk. There are 2 bulb sockets which I can position in pretty much any direction I want. And the bulbs I picked up are a nice bright clear white light. My room is no longer in shadow. I can lay on my bed and read a book or sit at my desk to apply makeup without dealing with mostly shadows. My only issue is this didn’t come with an on/off switch. It has to be plugged in and out. And I’m definitely not leaving flood lights on in my room when I’m not in there. Fire hazards are real folks. So I am going to pick up a single socket switch. They look like surge protectors but only have 1 plug spot. Until then, I have to go at it the manual route.

My new product pictures should be a little less yellow. I should be a little less aggrivated. Works for me. *shrug*

❤ Dee


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