I’ve Chosen the Date!

I’ve been stressing about choosing a date for my upcoming vacation because there are 5 weeks in May. I knew I wanted to go in May before kids got out of school and before hurricane season starts but also after the weather warms up in late Spring. 5 different options was getting a little overwhelming. I had a list of dates and started crossing them off due to conflicting things. I am a month into this and still couldn’t make a final decision as of this morning.

However, I don’t actually have a choice which week I go. I’ve been stressing out over a decision I wasn’t able to make after all! lol

  • Week 1: Can’t go because a co-worker is already on vacation this week.
  • Week 2: This is the only week there are no conflicts so I’m going this week. Flying out on the 6th and returning on the 14th. *shrug* Works for me.
  • Week 3 and 4: I was seriously considering either of these weeks but they both have the same problem. I could leave on the 13th and return on the 21st or leave on the 20th and return on the 28th. However, my step-sister is getting married on the 21st and that day overlaps on either week! She would understand but the rest of my family would not. :/ I had already ruled out the 4th week though because the end of that weeks is the local Great Dane show and I want to be there for that. Eh.
  • Week 5: This starts peak season for Disney and Harry Potter World. It is also creeping a bit too close for comfort to hurricane season in the Atlantic. No thanks.

Ultimately, the choice was made for me to go during the 2nd week of May. I was seriously considering the 3rd week once I got the schedule for the dog show. And then I remembered this morning about the wedding. After confirming the wedding date with my step-sister, that decided things. *shrug*

I was banking on going during that 3rd or 4th week so now I’m short 1-2 weeks for planning and gathering. Yikes.  I should still have plenty of planning time. Well at least I know when I’m going now. Time to start buying tickets. 😀

❤ Dee


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