Blog Update

Well we are a lil over 3 months into this blog and things are going great on the writing front. 😀

I have officially scored and reviewed all the products that I own. With my new review posting schedule (and some variation throughout March for reasons), I have review posts scheduled through mid-April. Of course, if my opinion changes on something with continued use, I will update the review. Hopefully before it goes live. lol

I’m looking at having up to 10 new products to review beyond what is already complete prior to my May vacation. I’ll have that Tarte blush since I’m getting it as a birthday gift from Sephora. I’ve already reviewed the lip paint so I won’t be reviewing it again just because I have a new shade. I’m still not sure what the Ulta birthday gift will be so that could be a review item. I’ll have 5 new items from Ipsy in March and April. Given Ipsy’s track record so far, I’ll end up with up to 6 makeup items to review between the 2 bags provided they send a tool in each bag and 1 item that I don’t use (nail polish and hair protectant so far). But they might surprise me. Maybe I’ll get 5 unique makeup items in each of the next 2 bags. I’m not going to hold my breath so I think 10 new review items is a lofty goal. 😀

I have decided my blog will go dark while I’m on vacation. Sorry for that but I think it is good to get away for a while and not micromanage my vacation by trying to plan out 9 days of posts in addition to the actual vacation planning. I’m not taking my computer so I won’t be blogging during my vacation either. I don’t want to take the chance of my computer getting lost, stolen, or damaged. I want to be in the moment while on vacation. No blogging or video games at night when I could be hitting up the town or doing some cruise night-life thing. I’m considering not even taking a book to read so that I will be forced to be more involved in the experience.

I will return near the end of May with vacation photos and stories. Since I will be packing light and only taking a few makeup items on my trip, I will have 9 days to refresh myself regarding my makeup collection. It is, admittedly, getting a bit out of control considering I am not a makeup artist. My plan is to do a bit of late Spring cleaning once I get back from vacation. I will be purging makeup, my box hoard, my perfume sample hoard, and then letting the kids have at the box of shame (which will likely be overflowing at that point since they haven’t been in it since October).

Being in makeup buying exile has been good for me. I have been doing way too much impulse buying lately and my collection is showing the stress. I have a small space to work with so I have to get this under control. Of course, Mom has humored me and ordered me some things I wanted but was firm in not purchasing myself. lol I have tons of stuff to buy for my vacation so I will probably divert my April and May makeup budget to vacation items anyways. Not a bad thing at all. Especially considering the stuff I need for vacation is more expensive than makeup at Ulta. Why are swimsuits so expensive? 😡

That leaves me to not having much to review post vacation. My May Ipsy glam bag will show up while I’m on vacation but I like to use stuff at least 5 or so times before I review it so that will not be a thing until June I’m guessing. Posts will be light through the end of May.

There is a Lush at the Orlando Airport that I might visit. However, I am unlikely to buy anything from them. Their prices are high. I will be holding tight to my pre-vacation spending money for Harry Potter World souvenirs and Bahamas experiences. And more than likely, my post-vacation spending money will be on the low end so I’m not really looking to spend $20 on an eyeliner at Lush.

Nassau has some cosmetics stores but they all look to be very high-end in the tourist areas like Bay Street (makes sense I guess). If I buy anything, it will certainly have to be something I can’t get online or at home. I am definitely checking out the straw market so maybe I’ll find something interesting there. Doubtful but I’m going to try for the sake of Stuff in a Powder Puff! I’m not accustomed to bartering or aggressive sales (all major warnings about the straw market) but I’m down to check it out. Especially if the reviews about the plethora of knock off purses are true. I still don’t really understand duty-free shopping but my vacation is 70+ days away so I have time to figure it out.

Welp, that’s my update. See ya again soon.

❤ Dee


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