Solo Traveler #51: Tarte Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint

16231404_10100924202758629_721916994_oI picked up Tarte Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint as part of the Give Me Some Bold Lip set from Sephora Favorites. I ordered it online at It was a Christmas gift from Mom. I had already picked out a replacement gift when I couldn’t find this in store. Mom paid ½ and I paid ½, but I picked it out. 😀

Like with the Ciate London Liquid Velvet lipstick in this set, I cringed a little at the color of this lipstick. It is purple. I was excited at first. Then I put it on. Um… This shade, Yaassss, does not work for my skin tone. I have another purple lipstick that looks amazing on me so I thought I could rock this one too. But the other one is darker earthy purple. This is lavender. There are 19 other shades in this formula to look at and they are fairly decent shades.

I scored this lipstick at a 17. It doesn’t smell and it applies as well as other high-end lipsticks. It isn’t streaky and feels light on the lips. However, it doesn’t dry well. It dries, but it cracks and crumbles in the corners within an hour. The product on the center of my lips lasts well and seems to dry most of the way without cracking. But I just can’t get the corners to work out.

I tried this one with translucent powder too. No go. Crumble city. I blotted it multiple times so it was barely tacky, dusted on the powder over a 1-ply, and the lipstick tried to eat the 1-ply. It was unfortunate.

This product retails for $20.00 ($100.00/oz). I don’t think I will pick this up. It was just too much work throughout the day. There are quite a few interesting shades but I don’t think I can make this liquid lipstick work.

❤ Dee


2 thoughts on “Solo Traveler #51: Tarte Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint

    • Yeah, I’m not marshmallow pale but this just looked terrible on me. I have the same issue with many nudes. They just make me look so washed out that I rarely bother trying light shades anymore.

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