I’m Getting Birthday Makeup!

Oooh I do love getting free makeup!

I mentioned to Mom the other day that I’m sad about being in makeup buying exile since I went over my makeup budget and that means missing out on my free birthday gifts from Sephora and Ulta. So, being the most excellent Momma ever, she told me to order a few of the items from my vacation wish list from either store and she’d pay for it for my birthday so I could also get my birthday gift!

I haven’t gotten my Ulta birthday gift coupon yet. It is likely a POREfessional sample again. Not complaining, I just hate the uber tiny bottle. I can’t really judge how this primer wears because of how small it is. But, the sales girl at Ulta said it *might* be an Urban Decay eyeshadow. So I’ll pick that up when I go to my next nail appointment.

I checked out Sephora in J.C. Penny to see about getting my birthday gift from them. They didn’t have the Tarte blush/lip duo though. All they had was the Caudalie skin care samples. I want to try that blush so I told them I’d get it online.

I knew I had to buy something from Sephora.com to get my birthday gift since I’m getting it online. I ended up getting a $3.00 nail block. Those are always nice to have. With that, I’m getting the Tarte duo sample, plus other samples that I am not sure I will use or not. I’m getting lipstick samples from Make Up For Ever, Bite, and Dior. They look to be those single-use cardboard things. 😦 I’m also getting a Sugar Lips lip scrub thingy and a Smashbox Insta-Matte lipstick transformer thingy. Not sure what that is supposed to do but we’ll see. I have the 2-day free shipping with Sephora so the whole order was $3.22. Mom was tres unamused with my frugal shopping. lol

To appease her, I made a small Ulta order. No free gift but I’m getting some stuff that I had on my “next order” list. I grabbed a new ELF lip exfoliator, a travel size toner from Mario Badescu, that J.Cat Beauty mascara to put in my giveaway, and… after much waffling… the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream in light medium travel size. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it or not. I’m really liking the sample Ipsy sent me last month and I’m tempted to take this BB cream with me on vacation so I can skip needing a primer too. But! This stuff is hella expensive. It was $19.50 for the travel size. 😡 I did use a 20% off the purchase coupon that came in my email that morning and the last of my Ulta rewards points ($3.00). The BB Cream said coupons wouldn’t apply to it but I got 20% off of it anyways. haha

I will do an In the Bag/Unboxed/Swatch Me combo with these things. Depending on how the Sephora samples end up working out, I might have more than a blush and lipstick to swatch. I don’t want to swatch a single-use lipstick and waste it. But I’ll definitely want to swatch that blush and lip paint so we’ll see. Everything should be here by my birthday on the 5th!

❤ Dee


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