Solo Traveler #50: Manna Kadar Paradise Blush

I’ve reach 50 review posts. Whoa!


I got this Manna Kadar blush as a part of my January Ipsy subscription. I still haven’t figured out what the real name of this blush is. There is no shade name. Is Paradise the shade or the name of the product?! Ipsy calls it Manna Kadar’s Paradise Blush but doesn’t list a shade. Manna Kadar’s website calls it Paradise Pearlized Blush but doesn’t list a shade either. The container says “Paradise Blush” on the back but I still don’t know if that is the name of the product or the shade. Gah!!!

I have no idea if what I have is full size or not. It doesn’t list a size on the container. I’ve seen posts saying it is travel size and posts saying it is full size. Ipsy doesn’t say and neither does Manna Kadar’s website. So I have no idea. I can’t actually give a price per ounce because I don’t know what the full size is! Ugh… At any rate, this blush retails at $19.00. If you have bought this from Manna Kadar or another retailer, what is the retail size?

Okay, outside of these two issues, let’s get on with the review.

The pros:

  • This blush is incredibly pigmented. A little bit goes a very long way. It will last forever at this rate.
  • There isn’t much in the way of fall out. Always nice.
  • This is a versatile product. While it says it is a blush, the manufacture even suggests trying it as an eyeshadow. And it works out as an eyeshadow very well!
  • This product lasts all day. A 12-hour day is no problem for this product. As a blush, it doesn’t fade or move. As an eyeshadow, it also doesn’t fade with time. If you use a good eyeshadow primer, it will work all day without creasing.

The cons:

  • This blush is incredibly pigmented. You need to practice with a light hand to get application right to use it as blush. Like, you need to practice a lot. And have time/patience to blend forever.
  • If you don’t have a good eyeshadow primer, this will crease as an eyeshadow within a few hours. With a good eyeshadow primer, this isn’t a problem. Without it, creasing starts by about hour 4 if you have oily eyelids like me.
  • The container is stupidly difficult to open. The plastic that seals the product closed was shrink-wrapped so tight that I had to use a craft knife to open it. Then, the clam-shell is almost impossible to open if you have nails of any mentionable length. I have had to use tweezers to open it several times and have thought very seriously about either breaking the tiny attachment piece off so that it doesn’t close anymore or finally getting around to learning how to depot makeup. It is really difficult to open.

Overall, I gave this product a score of 18.

It missed out on being on sale and points, although that could be argued. I didn’t get points for receiving the product. I did get Ipsy points for reviewing it though. And technically, I got this product and 4 others for the low price of $10 so you could call it a sale. However, I made the decision not to count subscriptions as sale or point products due to them being mostly sample sizes. Instead I decided to search for them on regular retailer sites. I can’t find any evidence that this Manna Kadar blush would have earned me points through Manna Kadar’s website and it isn’t available at Ulta or Sephora. I also haven’t seen anything showing up about this being on sale through any retailers either in January. I did see that Ipsy has a 30% off discount code for all Manna Kadar cosmetics through I almost went back and gave this product 1 point in the sale category then I remember that I don’t have a clue what the size is. So maybe this product could be scored at 19 instead.

It lost a few points in the bonus category. Manna Kadar is cruelty-free but this blush has some crap ingredients and no one really said anything about how it looks so far (even though I think it looks amazing).

It also lost a point in the shade category. No, I didn’t downgrade it because I can’t figure out what shade it is. lol My issue is that this looks to be the only shade. It says it works for all skin-tones but that is a near impossibility. I know quite a few fair complected people that have said this shade is far too dark for them to use as a blush despite being incredibly light handed and blending. I imagine that goes the same way for those of dark complexions too. This product could end up looking like shiny mud on someone’s skin for all I know. The one-shade-fits-all line is one that I will never buy outside of black eyeliner/mascara.

If I could redo my Score Card, I would include a section on packaging. If the packaging looks nice, I’d give it a point. If the packaging is easy to use/open/close, I’d give it a point. Should that have been a thing, this product would have lost points for both. The packaging is cheap looking plastic and opening it sucks. In the end, I remembered that I am a resourceful person so I took the blush to work and used one of our small detail knives to shave about 1/3 of the plastic closure off. Now it opens and closes like it should. But no regular makeup user should have to modify the damn container just to use the product!

Did you get this blush from Ipsy? Is your’s hard to open? Let me know if you want details on what I did to make that stupid plastic clam shell open and close right. 😀

❤ Dee


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