Solo Traveler #49: Laura Mercier Velour Lip Color

16244900_10100924202628889_59487313_oI picked up Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Color as part of the Give Me Some Bold Lip set from Sephora Favorites. I ordered it online at It was a Christmas gift from Mom. I had already picked out a replacement gift when I couldn’t find this in store. Mom paid ½ and I paid ½, but I picked it out. 😀

This was the only full size lipstick in the set and I am very happy it was a full size product. I scored it at a 21 and have wore it many times since I got it. I find myself reaching for it often and have to force myself to wear something else. I only have about 100 different lipsticks to choose from each dang day! This lipstick retails at $28.00 ($233.33/oz).

I have the shade An Affair and it is an awesome berry shade. I wish this was a matte formula. As a regular cream lipstick, I have to apply this semi-often. It transfers onto anything my lips touch despite a good lip primer so reapplication is definitely part of life with this lipstick.

You know I’m vain so I have to brag a bit. I have specifically been complemented on this lipstick several times and it makes me giddy and shy every single time. But I freaking love it. ❤

This lipstick comes in 25 shades, including 5 metallic shades. At that price, I doubt I’ll get another one but the color range is fantastic if you are looking for a high-end cream lipstick. For now, I’m guarding this one under lock and key (literally).

❤ Dee


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