Unboxed #12

Hey, hey let’s get these products opened and enjoyed!


Ipsy did pretty good this month. I’ll happily give 4 out 5 of the products a try. 😀

16804882_10100944749602589_406978734_oIpsy sent me a sample size of the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Illumination Anti-Aging Concealer in neutral medium. The full size product retails for $24.00. This sample is seriously tiny. It is so small that it come in one of those cardboard folders like perfume samples often come in. :/ It doesn’t smell much like anything but with that small of a tube, I might not be able to smell it by sheer blockage. lol It feels really thick and seems difficult to blend if allowed to sit for more than a couple seconds. We shall see about this lil thing.

16776977_10100944749732329_229713085_oThey sent me a full size mascara! Woo! I’ve never tried the brand BellaPierre Cosmetics so I’m excited to try this out. This is the Volumelash Waterproof Mascara in black. It looks like this retails at $20.00. I’m not crazy about the whole waterproof bit though. I really hope this isn’t a pain to remove. I am sad about the spoolie. It is plastic. 😦 But it isn’t the long plastic so I might survive this without going blind. lol It has a slight chemical smell. It kind of reminds me of what perm rods smell like after they’ve been rinsed… just slightly like perm solution, soap, and sanitizer.

16775962_10100944749667459_585483120_oUp next from Ipsy is Luna by Luna Cosmetics Highlighter in Calypso. This is a baked highlighter. The full size retails at $23.00. It looks to be full size. Score for Ipsy. I tried to research this brand but it appears to be a new-ish indie brand. There isn’t much information out about them and their website isn’t exactly illuminating. The highlighter feels smooth and it gives good payout when swatching. It is supposed to be a lavender shade but I don’t see it. If anything, I feel like this is more of a champagne shade. Maybe the lavender picks up when it is actually on the face.


The next product Ipsy sent this month is a sample size of Briogeo Rosarco Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant Cream. Um… I won’t be using this. I maybe blow dry my hair twice a year at most. Mom might like it though. The full size retails for $24.00.

16804710_10100944749787219_1562827246_oThe last product Ipsy sent was a makeup brush. I love tools! This one is the Luxie Beauty Luxie Rose Gold Blush Brush 514. It retails at $18.00. I don’t have any rose gold brushes so this is a welcome addition to my brush collection! The bristles are soft but I have to be honest… it doesn’t feel any softer than my el cheapo ELF brushes. I would certainly expect this to feel a bit higher end at that price point. I’ll have to give it a try to see if it is a disappointment.

The last item Ipsy sent is, of course, the glam bag. Last month’s bag was so pretty. This month’s bag… not so much. It is denim and orange. I’m not crazy about the color combination. BUT! It is a makeup bag so we all know I’ll end up using it for something. 😀

Ipsy had 32 potential items for February subscribers. Of that 32, there was probably only 1 item I would have preferred over other things in my bag. There was a fan brush available and I would certainly rather had that than the heat protectant that I won’t use. Other than that, they had a couple nail polishes, some face masks, and cleansers that I definitely am happy not to have gotten. I’m pretty happy with my bag this month.

After my first Ipsy glam bag where I got nail polish (sad face), I retooled my beauty quiz and made sure to rate all of my products. I didn’t get nail polish this time and they had 2 listed in the February lineup. So there is that. If you are subscribed to Ipsy or thinking about it, make sure you review your products each month. If you get something you won’t use (such as nail polish and heat protectant for me), rate those products as “not for me” instead of 1 star. That way, they get a record in the system that you don’t like the product. It may take a few bags but they’ll figure out that you don’t want that kind of product. If all else fails, you can email them one-time-only and tell them the 3 products you never want in your bag.

I think I’m going to leave my beauty quiz alone this month. I’ll rate my products in the next couple days. That heat protectant will get a “not for me” most certainly. I’ll give everything else a go and keep my fingers crossed for March.

Alright let’s talk Morphe!

Morphe sent:

16810944_10100946977822219_1207911116_oG33 Angled Buffer brush, $8.99. This is a small-sized angled brush that can be used to 16805002_10100946977642579_2014729919_oapply under eye makeup or fine contour lines. I like that! The shape of these bristles is very strange. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a semi-diamond shaped brush. The bristles in this brush are short and densely packed in there. However, it is larger than I expected. I’m not sure I could blend out under eye concealer with this without stabbing myself. It might be great for contour though.

16804884_10100946977472919_1428943577_oG34 Mini Rounder brush, $8.99. This is a small-sized dense brush that can be used to buff in concealer. The description says “dense” brush but while there are a ton of bristles in here, it is also very soft. I would say it is similar to the Real Techniques setting brush I picked up in December that I use for setting my under eye with powder. It is about the same size and shape as that brush.

16805482_10100946977562739_1196807208_oG 36 Round powder brush, $13.99. This is a soft brush that can be used for powder or foundation. I expected this brush to be a large powder brush like the one I got last month. It is not. I should have paid attention to the “or foundation” part of the description. It is roughly the size of the ELF mineral powder brush I got in December. The bristles are soft though and there are a ton of them.

The total value of my brushes this month was $31.97. Not bad for $19.99 investment. 😀 I much prefer the matte black brushes I got in January simply because these are already showing finger prints. Ugh my OCD is a curse. Really, these seem like great brushes. Don’t let me be a Negative Nancy and influence your thoughts on the brush style. lol

If you want to subscribe to Ipsy for $10/month or Morphe Brush Club for $19.99/month, you can click their names for my referral links. You don’t get anything for using my subscriber link through Ipsy, but if you use the Morphe link, we’ll both get a free brush!

❤ Dee


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