Solo Traveler #48: Smashbox X-Rated Mascara

16244853_10100924203352439_883438993_oI picked up Smashbox X-Rated Mascara as part of the Lash Party set from Sephora Favorites. I bought it at Sephora in J.C. Penny. It was a Christmas gift from Mom. This mascara retails at $22.00 ($73.33/oz).

The pros:

  1. The spoolie is excellent with the right kind of bristles and the tapered point. Yay!
  2. It adds great length.
  3. The lash definition with this mascara is excellent. I don’t know that I’ve seen a mascara that does this better.

The cons:

  1. This mascara smells overwhelmingly like flowers. It made my eyes water when I put it on.
  2. It is harder than hell to take off. I ended up shedding quite a few lashes after 5 minutes of trying to rub this stuff off with eye makeup remover.

The bottom line is that this mascara is great if you don’t have sensitive eyes and you can use a cream face wash and warm water every single night. Those are problems for me so I will not repurchase this.

What kind of eye makeup remover have you had good luck with for stubborn mascara?

❤ Dee


2 thoughts on “Solo Traveler #48: Smashbox X-Rated Mascara

    • I think my latest eye makeup remover’s base is olive oil. Maybe that is the issue. I’ll have to give this another go with a different eye makeup remover when I have to repurchase.


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