Solo Traveler #47: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

16251235_10100924202693759_2036848109_oI picked up Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick as part of the Give Me Some Bold Lip set from Sephora Favorites. I ordered it online at It was a Christmas gift from Mom. I had already picked out a replacement gift when I couldn’t find this in store. Mom paid ½ and I paid ½, but I picked it out. 😀

Let me just start this review by saying I was not kidding in Unboxed #3 about this shade, Damned, scaring me. It is listed as a black cherry shade and that is pretty descriptive actually. It is beyond dark. I like deep colors, not necessarily dark colors though. I don’t have a great record of accomplishment with dark shades. They tend to be streaky. This product was no exception. When I wore this lipstick, there were places that were deep dark red and others that were a deep-ish red. There is a distinct difference between the 2 shades and it was noticeable. Applying a 2nd coat to “even it out” was a disaster. I do not recommend that unless you are a liquid lipstick pro. I am not that.

Aside from the shade, I really like this lipstick. Once you put it on and let it dry, it is on there for quite a while. I didn’t notice any cracking or color fade at the 4-hour mark. It was cracking in places where the streaking was most noticeable by 5 hours though. Not bad at all for a lipstick that wasn’t applied well in the first place.

This lipstick scored a 22. The full size will knock you back $20.00 ($90.91/oz). For a high-end liquid lipstick, I definitely think that price is good. With 30 shades to choose from, you very well can find a not-so-scary shade. I may pick this up at some point in bachelorette, double dare, or mother. I’m really glad this shade is a sample size and not a full size product. It would go to waste outside of maybe Halloween 2017 for me.

❤ Dee


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