Have You Hosted A Giveaway?

Hey everyone! 🙂

I want to do a giveaway.

Ulta.com let me keep that extra eye vault a while back and when I reach 100 follows, I plan to use it as a giveaway prize. I’m at 73 follows now so that might not be far off.

Have you hosted a giveaway before? I have tons of questions about how these things work.

  1. Did it go okay for you? Did it get weird or did anyone get mad about how your hosted your giveaway?
  2. How long is a good giveaway period? 3 days? 1 week? From 100 followers to 150 followers? I don’t know what is reasonable.
  3. I like my privacy and have no interest in giving a random stranger my address. So I don’t want to use a return address on the package. Is that rude?
  4. My house is not smoke-free so I assume that should be clarified on the giveaway page that the prize was briefly exposed to smoke. Yes? Note that I moved it to my office, out of the house, once I confirmed Ulta sent the correct package and that I didn’t have to return the extra eye vault. It has been airing out in a smoke-free environment ever since.
  5. What is the best way to set up entry? Comment on this post with X comment? Comment on this post with your blog address? Link the favorite post you’ve written on your blog? Comment your IG on this post and go to my IG, follow me, and comment on the giveaway picture? Make IG a double entry?
  6. How on Earth do I choose a winner? I only have 1 eye vault. I could break it into smaller sets but that seems a bit pointless. I saw someone once say something about using a random name picker but I don’t have a clue what that is.
  7. How should I notify the winner? Make an announcement post and give them X days to contact me via my contact form? Try to contact them directly?

I am going to pick up another J.Cat Beauty mascara to go with the eye vault since it doesn’t have a mascara. So it will be a total of 10 items to award. I plan to send the package via whatever postal method will allow for a tracking number to send to the winner. I hope I can get some feedback on how to host this giveaway before I reach my goal of 100 follows. 😀

❤ Dee


One thought on “Have You Hosted A Giveaway?

  1. I’ve never hosted one but I might be able to give you some advice!
    Depending on how often you blog, you’ll want a couple of opportunities for your followers to enter, so maybe two to three weeks is how long you’ll want it to go on.
    Also you can definitely have people enter by comment! Making instagram a second entry would be great. I highly doubt anyone will get annoyed about how you host your giveaway, most bloggers would just love to win of course!

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