Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m not an overly sentimental type and I don’t really get into holidays like I should. I enjoy time with my family but I resent how overly commercial holidays have become. That being said, I’m not one to rain on other people’s parade. Unless it is a Columbus Day parade… in that case, yuck. Stop celebrating that monster.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

And if you are one that likes to rain on people’s parade or hates the idea of romantic love, this will give you a giggle.

I gave the girls their makeup gifts on Sunday. They were both very happy with what they got. I threatened Kid 1 though. I told her if she leaves that $42 Lorac 3 palette on the floor or her bed where she or the dogs can step on it, jump on it, lay on it, etc and it breaks, I will never buy her an expensive palette ever again. She has already lost 2 or 3 other palettes (that were gifts) in the last 18 months from doing exactly that. None of them were quite this expensive so she better freaking listen. -.- To be fair, I also threatened Kid 2 in the same way about her makeup (new NYX palette, curved liner, etc.). And they know that I don’t make idle threats. 2 days in and so far, nothing is broken or lost yet. 😀

❤ Dee


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