Unboxed #10

16651406_10100938530575569_2050443012_oOh I’m so excited to get into this little haul from Sephora. Inside the lip-shaped box is all the lipsticks plus some black decorative grass (like an Easter Basket) just like the Give Me Some Bold Lip set. They used considerably less grass this time than in the other set. Maybe because this one is filled a bit more full than the other one. At any rate, check it out!

16409628_10100938530570579_1762694173_oI got Touch In Sol Metallist Liquid Foil Lipstick Duo as a deluxe sample size. It was not part of the Give Me Some Nude Lip set, but sent as an extra sample from Sephora. I have the shade Penny. This retails for $25.00 ($297.62/oz) for the full size product. It is double-ended, with one side being a metallic matte shade and the other being a glitter gloss. I am beyond suspicious of this product. I’ve never tried metallic lipsticks and that last bit is 2 of my most disliked makeup products combined: glitter and gloss. Oy. It doesn’t smell so that is a plus. Both applicators feel very fragile, like they are going to snap off at any second. Looking at the bottle, I can see clearly there is not much product in the metallic side. I’m not going to get many trials out of this sample. The color itself is a coppery neutral shade that is really pretty. The metallic lipstick part is definitely matte. It did not want to clean off when I swatched it. The gloss side is everything I feared. Goopy. When I cleaned off the swatches, the glitter just kept spreading around my hand. :/ The two products layered isn’t as pretty as I expected. It just looks messy. And anywhere the gloss touches, the metallic lipstick does not dry matte at that point. Very disappointed but not surprised.

16586847_10100938530680359_995982262_oBite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick is a deluxe sample size. It retails for $26.00 ($173.33/oz). This is in the shade Honeycomb. This tiny lipstick is kind of adorable. It doesn’t smell at all, which is great. I really like Bite’s packaging, the matte black containers with the brand embossed in shiny letters. Very sleek. But uh… how to you tell which color you are grabbing without there being some color indicator when you have more than one of these? Surely the full size has something that doesn’t require opening every tube to see what color you have in your hand…

16651313_10100938530635449_544175908_oBuxom Full-On Lip Cream is a deluxe sample size. It retails for $20.00 ($142.86/oz). This is in the shade White Russian. This looks to be a decent amount of product. BUT. This is a lip gloss. I figured. It is also almost clear when swatching it. I see just a hint of sheer pink in it that will go away the moment it hits my lips because my lips are much darker than this product. Gah.




Estee Edit The Barest Contour Lip Liner is a full size product. It retails for $20.00 ($2,222.22/oz). Um… for that price per ounce, I need this to be the best thing I’ve ever touched to ever buy it. I’ve come to expect lip liners and eyeliners to be high in the price per ounce category but that is insane. This is in the shade 05 The Buff. It doesn’t smell so that is very good. It also doesn’t like to come off once it has dried. Similar to the Penny duo above, this took some work to get off my arm after swatching it. I wouldn’t expect anything less from such a freaking expensive product. Already though, I am disliking this product. It is a twist up liner, which I love. However, once you twist it up, it doesn’t twist back down. What. The. Heck. 😡

16650835_10100938530665389_1325095594_oMarc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Cream is a deluxe sample size. It retails for $30.00 ($250.00/oz). This is in the shade 246 Slow Burn. The probability of me paying $30.00 for a single lipstick is almost nil. This little sample is quite cute though. I like the flat bullet compared to the round ones for some reason. I guess because it is different. This product does not smell! Yay! The lipstick inside is very tiny (to fit the tiny packaging I guess) so I’m going to have to be careful. This packaging makes me question how to tell multiples of different shades apart like with the Bite products. Hmm…

16668068_10100938530620479_1139103357_oToo Faced Cosmetics Melted Matte Liquified Matte Long Wear Lipstick is a deluxe sample size. It retails for $21.00 ($52.50/oz). This is in the shade Queen B. It doesn’t smell. The applicator is solid. It dries matte (and doesn’t want to come off during cleanup). I’ve been wanting to try a Too Faced melted lipstick for quite a while but that price put me off. Compared to the price per ounce of the rest of these, maybe that price isn’t too bad after all though. Given the rest of the things going for this, I may have to try a full size when I get out of my buy ban.

16650618_10100938530715289_1181443032_oUrban Decay Vice Lipstick is a full size product. It retails for $17.00 ($154.55/oz). This is in the shade 1993, part of their Comfort Matte line. It doesn’t smell. It also doesn’t dry quite as matte as I expected. It came off with a baby wipe as easy as the other non-matte lipsticks. It is the cheapest retail product in the set but you get less in this product than the Too Faced melted lipstick. I have to say the Vice lipstick line is incredible. In total, they have 101 shades available on Sephora.com in a variety of finishes. Pretty much, they don’t separate their lipsticks into lines based on formula and then on finish. They just separate them by formula. They have cream lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, and then their limited edition lip palettes and vaults. So all of their cream lipsticks have been lumped into one line. Sephora.com has them further separated into finishes within the product page. That is helpful I guess. This line is separated into high shine finish (15), matte finish (34), metallic finish (14), satin finish (34), and shimmer finish (4). Those numbers in parenthesis are the number of shades Sephora.com offers in that finish. The matte finish group is further divided by comfort matte (24) and mega matte (9). The 34th shade in this finish section doesn’t say if it is comfort or mega matte but it is limited edition so it will be going away soon anyways. What a crazy way to organize your lipstick collection!

❤ Dee



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