Solo Traveler: #44: Ciate London Liquid Velvet Liquid Lipstick

Kid 1 is having 2 of her wisdom teeth cut out today so I am off work today. Mom doesn’t like driving in the city (the real city) so I am driving them both to the hospital. I had to take a vacation day but at least I can catch up on my January reading that I haven’t finished yet.

16196560_10100924202803539_1743149316_oI picked up Ciate London Liquid Velvet as part of the Give Me Some Bold Lip set from Sephora Favorites. I ordered it online at It was a Christmas gift from Mom. I had already picked out a replacement gift when I couldn’t find this in store. Mom paid ½ and I paid ½, but I picked it out. 😀

When I saw this product, I admit: I cringed a little. It is very neon pink. I’m not into bright pinks. Or many pastel pinks for that matter. Pink just isn’t my favorite color. This is the shade head over heels. Even the name is distasteful to me. I’m just not girly enough for pinks, I think. I can live with an earthy pink that has brown undertones but not this pink.

However, this lipstick really isn’t bad. I scored it at a 20. It retails at $19.00 ($86.36/oz). It is one of the cheaper retail prices in this set. It doesn’t smell and it feels amazing on the lips. It is supposed to be a moisturizing long-wear liquid lipstick and I’ll say that is mostly true. Long-wear is such a fluid term. For some people, a lipstick that lasts 2 hours is long-wear. For others, one that lasts 6 hours is long-wear. For my purposes, I call long-wear lipsticks anything that lasts more than 4 hours for me. I am constantly eating, drinking, smoking, licking my lips, rubbing my lips together, etc. so if a lipstick can last 4 hours on me, it is definitely long-wear. This product lasts 2-3 hours before it starts losing color from transfer.

My only negative, outside of the color, is that it doesn’t really dry matte. I mean, the color sticks around for sure. But I still get transfer 2 hours after application. That is with giving 1 layer a solid 15 minutes after application of no mouth action. This particular lipstick really didn’t take to a dusting of translucent powder through a 1-ply tissue well either. It crumbled quickly when I did that.

I am considering getting a full size of this product in a not-so-girly color. They have 13 shades to choose from. I’m looking hard at wonderland, pin up, and swoon.

❤ Dee


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