In the Bag/Unboxed/Swatch Me #8

Interrupting my regularly schedule #8 series (that J.Cat Beauty lip vault), I have to squeeze this in here last minute. Um… I finally, finally, FINALLY got the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. Ahhhhhhhh! Since it is only 1 item, I am combining all of the posts for #8 into one post.

Part of my lunch-time routine is to check for the lip matte color in coral (out of stock still) and for the ABH MR palette (in stock locally?!) while my food heats up. I nearly spilled my drink down my front when that palette showed up in stock. For a few weeks, it showed in stock at my local Ulta but it wasn’t actually in stock. Aggravating. So, rather than drive over there for nothing again, I called. They did have it in stock and they put it up for me with my name on it. Guh.

I went over immediately. I know why this palette was constantly out of stock now. The restock was literally 1 palette. The manager was laughing about how they had just pulled it out of the restock box and were discussing the fact that they only got 1 in… again. It hadn’t even made it to the shelf when I called. The manufacturer only sent 1 palette for restock. Seriously!? After tax, this palette set me back $44.84. That is still cheaper than the Lorac palette I got for Kid 1 last week and lower than the regular retail price of 2 of my Urban Decay palettes had I not gotten them on sales.

However, I have officially exceeded my 3-month makeup budget. I do it in 3-month lots so that if I want to spend a little more one month, I can adjust for it in the next month or carry over what I didn’t spend the prior month. I allow myself $50/month (or $150/tri-monthly) for makeup for myself. That doesn’t count gifts and other special occasion purchases. Since I got my nice bonus, I gave myself an extra $200.00 for January-March, giving me a total 3-month budget of $350. I don’t know about you but that is a lot of money to spend on makeup!

It is only the first week of February and I’ve spent over $365.00 on makeup for myself. That does include a very abnormal (and probably 1-time-only) purchase of a $91.00 perfume. That doesn’t count manicure or pedicure services which I am counting for savings purposes but come out of a different budget. I still have 2 months of Ipsy subscriptions and 2 months of Morphe brush subscriptions to put into this total. Er… I guess it is a good thing I’m going to file my taxes tomorrow? Don’t judge me. I already admit to having problems, buying makeup being one of them.

I have 2 packages on the way to me and this one in hand. I really have to call it enough for a few months. I have an Ipsy bag and Morphe brushes coming twice by the end of March too. I really don’t need more makeup. I’m running out of room and have no idea where I’m going to put the 9 J.Cat Beauty lip products on their way from Ulta or the nude lip set (6 products I think and maybe 1 sample?) on the way from Sephora. I’m going to have to rearrange things, install some shelves… something.

On to the palette!

I got this palette at Ulta for $42.00 + tax. It comes in a pink box that matches the outside of the actual palette.


The first thing I noticed was that the box was slightly damaged. Rut roh. I bought it anyways and crossed my fingers that everything would be okay.


Opening the box and pulling the palette out, I saw that the palette is in fact damaged. But it is just the outside cover. The velvet is scraped on the edge, the same edge where the box was damaged. *shrug* Who puts that velvet on a makeup palette? The biggest complaint I’ve see from any review of this palette is the outside covered in velvet, about how it attracts dust and powder. I believe it. I don’t have a clue how to keep this thing clean. 😦

Opening the palette up, I was happy to see that none of the eyeshadows were damaged. The brush doesn’t want to stay in the palette for me and the magnetic closure resents that fact very much. However, the eyeshadows are fine. I’ll make the brush and magnet play nice eventually.


I have avoided swatching this product in stores. Mostly because all of the testers I’ve seen are nasty and I am not into that. So this is a true first impression of the product. Interestingly, the eyeshadows are very soft but not soft like cream eyeshadows. They just feel very smooth and soft. I don’t see much in fall out yet. A brush might change that but it holds up well with a finger swatch.


Left to right: (top row) tempera, golden ochre, vermeer, buon fresco, antique bronze, love letter, cyprus umber (bottom row) raw sienna, burnt orange, primavera,red ochre, venetian red, warm taupe, realgar

And wow that finger swatch! The pigmentation is phenomenal. I figured I’d love this palette but I am just shocked at the texture and pigmentation.I thought the red shades love letter and venetian red might be too similar but one is a berry shade while the other is more true red. I’m actually loving the orange shades burnt orange and realgar. I’m not into oranges but these read more brown on me so I’m very happy about it. This palette has the perfect balance of shimmer and matte shades as well as neutral and bold shades.

I cannot wait to do a full look with this! Maybe I’ll do my first holiday look with this. Oooh, that shade love letter would look stunning with the J.Cat. Beauty shimmery silver eyeshadow smoked tiger eye I picked up last week. Gah. Time to start brainstorming!


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