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Ya’ll, I might be in love. In my Ulta haul, I ordered 2 vaults and a mascara from this beauty line. So far, I have tried out the baked eyeshadow trio, the single pressed eyeshadows, the cream eyeshadow/eyeliner sticks, the eyeliner, the mascara, and the mascara primer. I still have to try out the loose eyeshadows and the lip products whenever they get here (more on that below).

I have to say, this brand is kind of amazing. I haven’t hit a failure yet. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love everything I’ve tried but I have yet to find something that I’m willing to put in the box of shame. Out of 8 items I’ve tried so far, I am considering repurchasing at least 4 of them in different shades. That is an awesome repurchase rate!

Ulta carries 44 items for the brand and the majority of those are $5.99 or less. They have a ton of eyeshadow and lip products to check out. They have blush and bronzer and a 24-pan eyeshadow palette. They have a couple brow items, a cushion foundation, a setting spray, a color correcting palette, and matte lipstick remover. I don’t see any primers, concealers, or powders listed on Ulta. They do have a liquid foundation, falsies, falsie glue, makeup brushes, and more 24-pan eyeshadow palettes listed on their website that Ulta doesn’t carry. I don’t know if it is a special or if it is standard but domestic shipping is free from the brand’s website for orders over $20.00.

If I had discovered this brand via their website, I probably would have gone about my business without buying anything from them. The design is nice but their site is riddled with typos and I am a snob. :/ However, I am very glad I gave them a chance through Ulta. They are cruelty-free also, always nice!

Speaking of Ulta, I still haven’t gotten the email confirmation that my order is going to be fixed. I called them again yesterday (24 hours after the first call). The good news is that my issue is actually in the computer. The 2nd lady I spoke to was just as polite and apologetic as the first lady. She read my issue from the notes, confirmed the request for my item to be shipped has been sent, and explained that sometimes it takes up to 72 hours to get the confirmation. She said to call back if I haven’t gotten the confirmation email by Saturday. I can be patient. I’m just glad to know that it is actually in the system. You never know.

Based on the success that these eyeshadows have been, I have high hopes for the lip products. And I am giving serious consideration to quite a few more items from this brand in my next Ulta order!


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