Solo Traveler #41: Sephora Rouge Cream

16229954_10100924202539069_1689113219_oI picked up Sephora Rouge Cream as part of the Give Me Some Bold Lip set from Sephora Favorites. I ordered it online at It was a Christmas gift from Mom. I had already picked out a replacement gift when I couldn’t find this in store. Mom paid ½ and I paid ½, but I picked it out. 😀 This is in the shade #49 Belly-Dancing.

I tried to be brave and rock a real red lipstick. It didn’t go well.

I scored this cream lipstick at a 17. It retails at $12.50 ($89.20/oz). This is, by far, the cheapest lipstick of the set and the worst of them all.

Worst is probably a harsh word though. It is a cream lipstick and functions as such. I was just hoping it would be more than your standard drugstore lipstick I guess. It doesn’t smell, it applies smooth without streaks, it doesn’t crumble too much, and the color is fantastic.

The color is really the problem though. Because it is a cream lipstick, the lipstick doesn’t stay put. I was brave. I wore this to work. When I got to work, I had lipstick on my nose from my coffee cup. Er… okay then. When I checked in before lunch, I had a visible smear on my cheek. I must have wiped my mouth at some point? I reapplied after lunch and was very diligent about not touching my lips and using a straw for my drink. A couple hours later, the lipstick at the center of my lips was gone so I had this weird negative space on my lips. Ahem… Because the color was bright red, these instances of smeary transfers were very noticeable.

I did everything I was supposed to do. My lips are nice and exfoliated. I used a good lip primer. I lined my lips with a lip liner that I know stays in place well. I blotted. I dusted with translucent powder against a 1-ply. I don’t know what else I could have done. This lipstick just didn’t stay in place. I do not recommend it, sadly.

❤ Dee


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