Unboxed #7

This Unboxed is going to be very picture heavy. Maybe it is a good thing my lip vault didn’t arrive. I will set up a #8 series for the lip vault when/if it ever shows up.

Thanks to my bonus and some great sales on Ulta.com, I managed to get an incredible Ulta haul! It arrived in 3 shipments. I spent almost $182 after taxes. But! I saved some money… and some of these are Valentine’s Day gifts for the kids.

16409925_10100932541792139_1125991982_o.jpgKid 1 has wanted the Lorac Pro 3 palette since it came out. It is $44.00. No sales, ever, as far as I can see. She spent all of her Christmas money on other stuff, forgetting that she had planned to get this palette. Since I got a nice bonus that I wasn’t expecting, I decided to splurge a little and get her this palette. It is 16 eyeshadows and it comes with a mini eyeshadow primer. Since this is a gift (read: not for me), I will not be unboxing this or swatching it. I’m a tiny bit sad about that but oh well.

16444153_10100932541757209_1533995605_o.jpgKid 2 is not into makeup like Kid 1 but I couldn’t get Kid 1 a really nice makeup gift and not get something similar for Kid 2. Yeah, I’m all about fairness like that, even if Kid 2 is the bane of my existence some times. I love her even though she is a pain in my ass. Lol Instead of getting her 1 expensive item, I got her a few different items to play with. She doesn’t have nearly the makeup collection that Kid 1 has and she is starting to get interested in makeup. Quite honestly, she is getting very good at it very quickly. I’m all about encouraging her to take care of her hygiene and appearance so I’m getting her makeup to keep that going. NYX had a b1g1 50% off sale going on. I picked her up the Love Contours All palette for $21.99 (9 eyeshadows, 4 contour/highlighters, and 2 brow powders) and The Curve Liner for $7.50 (regular retail price of $14.99). I also picked her up Essence Rock’n’doll Mascara for $4.99 and Essence Rock’n’doll Duo Stylist Eyeliner Pen for $1.50 (regular retail price of $2.99). Essence also had a b1g1 50% off sale.  The sales make this gift still a bit under what I spent for Kid 1 but the retail price is close so I’m going to make this work. Like the stuff for Kid 1, I will not be unboxing or swatching these items. I really want to try that curved liner but… Next time maybe.

On to what I got for myself!

16409021_10100932573713169_2127266952_o.jpgMakeup Revolution had a b1g1 50% off sale so I picked up 2 of their Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kits, in Reign and Echelon. These normally retail at $9.00 each. This is a liquid lipstick and matching lip liner. I got one for $9.00 and one for $4.50. Makeup Revolution is known for their dupes so I’m guessing this is a knockoff of the Kylie Lip Kits. Eh. These come in a box which I always appreciate. Two more boxes for the makeup box stash. No, I don’t know why I have been keeping all of my boxes. I’m just crazy like that. *shrug* The lip liners were sealed with plastic shrink-wrap inside the box. The lipsticks were not sealed. Just a heads up, the lip liners are similar to the ColourPop lip liners. They can be sharpened even though they look plastic. The product itself is soft so be gentle with these or you’ll break the tip off and need to sharpen it.

Ulta had their b2g2 free sale again for select makeup. I picked up their Gel eyeliner in black and Brow Tint in medium. I also picked up the 2 brilliant color eyeshadow singles I’ve been wanting in taupe and silver. Each of these items retail at $10.00. With the sale, I got 2 of them for free! All of these come shrink-wrapped. If you can find the perforated lines, they can be easy to open. If you can’t find it, be prepared to struggle. They wrap these tight! Even if you do find the perforated line, you might still struggle to get these open. Those eyeshadows were awful to open!

I have been looking at the J.Cat Beauty brand for a while.16443728_10100932541712299_1613137107_o

I picked up their Love Live Lash Volume mascara in black for $5.99 since their eye vault didn’t contain an actual mascara. It is in a box. No inner shrink-wrapped packing. This mascara has a very strong chemical smell. It made my eyes water. I’m a bit nervous about that now. I forgot to take a picture of it out of the box. Oops.

16443151_10100932541637449_1334081423_o.jpgI got the Eye Vault (with 9 different eye makeup items) for $24.00. By mistake, Ulta.com also sent me a 2nd eye vault when I was supposed to get a lip vault instead. I’m quite sad about it. I hope they will send my lip vault soon as I was really looking forward to that.

Included in the pink mesh bag is shimmery powder in floral white, and shimmery powder in dark wood, roll it up auto eyeliner in brown, triple crown baked shadow in cherry fudge Sunday, the big eye pencil in marshmallow, the big eye pencil in charcoal, blinkle shimmer eyeshadow in oh my ruby!, blinkle shimmer eyeshadow in smoked tiger eye, and love live lash primer mascara.

16409935_10100932571218169_1232493417_oThe loose eyeshadows are sealed with a sticker that is also the product label. If you like to have the product name and other pertinent information, you’ll need to carefully cut this sticker at the edge between the cap and the bottle. It does not smell. The opening for this bottle is tiny though. I will post a picture of that in Swatch Me #7. This post has crashed on me about a dozen times at this point and I think it is just too picture heavy. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to get the product out of this bottle without making a huge mess!

16443891_10100932638488359_853797087_oThe eyeliner was not sealed at all. It has the barest hint of a smell. It is a auto roller eyeliner so it is softer than a pencil eyeliner. However, it wasn’t overly soft.

16443901_10100932571183239_178023005_oThe baked eyeshadow had a sticker that needed to be peeled away but did not affect the label. It doesn’t smell and there are 3 different eyeshadows in here!

16444192_10100932573698199_344758251_oThe eye pencils are dual purpose eyeshadows/eyeliners that are not sealed. They can be sharpened just like a regular pencil liner but these are very soft and jumbo size. Be easy and you’ll need a large mouth sharpener for these. These have a very sharp chemical smell. They apply very smoothly though, smoother than most of my auto eyeliners! If you can get a sharp point on these, they will make great eyeliner. If you can’t, you are going to have one hell of a wide line. I wonder if these will smudge appropriately?

16466230_10100932573668259_1263840306_oThe blinkle pressed eyeshadows were annoying to open. The sticker that seals the clam shell closed is attached to the label on the back. I had to cut it off with scissors. If there were perforated lines, I didn’t see them. They don’t smell though!

16466861_10100932571043519_1812475658_oThe primer is in a box and is not sealed otherwise. It has a strong chemical smell but it isn’t nearly as strong as the mascara.

J.Cat Beauty is cruelty-free so I made a major dent in adding to my cruelty-free makeup collection.

Um… whoa. The coming Swatch Me is going to be wild even without the lip vault products! I wonder if I can get all of these on 1 arm? lol

Have you tried anything from the Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kits and the Kylie Lip Kits? How do they compare?

❤ Dee


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