January’s Favorites


I’ve never done a favorites post! I’ve tried so many new things in the past few months that picking favorites is often difficult. However, in January, I have found some clear favorite things. 😀 Here are my top 5 January favorites.

  1. My favorite lipstick this month was the ELF matte lip color in scarlet night. I want to use it every day and have had to force myself to use other lipsticks instead. It is such a pretty color without being too dark for my complexion. I have gotten some fantastic complements about this shade and how it looks so classy. For a $3.00 lipstick, you really can’t beat it.
  2. My favorite eyeshadow this month is ColourPop’s super shock shadow in vega. I got this as part of an $18.00 quad but they normally retail their shadows for $5.00 each. This thing is all glitter but not in that glitter is an STD way. There is no fallout. It stays exactly where I put it. And, due to the several different shades of glitter in this eyeshadow, it creates an incredible depth of color. It can be worn alone as an all glitter look or it can be layered with other colors. I love to use To-A-T in the crease and on the lid then put this over the lid. It looks amazing.
  3. My favorite makeup brush this month is the Morphe MB1 deluxe powder brush. It retails at $10.99 but I picked it up as part of my January Morphe Brush subscription. This brush is amazing. I haven’t done a full face much this month but I am constantly picking this brush up and just running it over my face. It feels so nice!
  4. I picked up the Mario Badescu aloe vera toner at the end of December. I have gone through 1/2 the bottle already in just a month. I have used it twice a day every day. And it really has done a great job of dealing with the redness I get from rosacea. Outside of the major flair I had after having a moderately high fever for a couple days, this toner is amazing for redness relief. It retails at $15.00 a bottle and I will definitely be repurchasing this.
  5. This candle from Our Own Candle Company isn’t makeup related but I had to share anyways. These candles sell at a local mom-and-pop store for $6.99 and I have never found any other candles like them. The scent is true to the names (the one pictured is rootbeer float) but doesn’t mess with my allergies! It burns for an incredibly long time, up to 100 hours. The candles are in mason jars with handles and metal lids. They are just amazing, especially considering how cheap they retail. The owner of the store said these candles can be bought directly from the company online. However, the handles are a weak point in the glass and he found that ordering them resulted in broken handles way too often. They are a good seller for his store so he makes a road trip up to their distribution warehouse every 3 months and buys an SUV full of crates of candles. If you are interested in these, you can Google the store. But, maybe, only order 1 candle or something to keep it from showing up broken?

What were your favorite things in January?

❤ Dee


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