In The Bag #7

My order arrived. Or well, part of it arrived. I went a little crazy at I spent about $182 on stuff for me, Kid 1, and Kid 2.


This isn’t really organized into rows so I’m just going to list what is here: Lorac Pro 3 palette, $44.00; NYX Love Contours All palette, $21.99; The Curved Liner, $14.99 (sale for $7.50); Essence Rock’n’doll Mascara, $4.99; Essence Rock’n’doll Duo Stylist Eyeliner Pen, $2.99 (sale for $1.50); Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kits in Reign and Echelon, $9.00 each (sale of b1g1 50% off so I got one for $4.50); Ulta Brilliant Color Eyeshadow singles in silver and taupe, $10.00 each; Ulta Brow Tint in medium, $10.00 (free from the b2g2 free sale); Ulta Gel Eyeliner in black, $10.00 (free from the b2g2 free sale); 2 of the J.Cat Beauty Eye Vault, $24.00 (9 items in the vault, a $40.00 value); and J.Cat Beauty Love Live Lash Volume Mascara in black, $5.99. Also included are 2 fragrance samples (Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium and Chloe Love Story) and 2 shampoo/conditioner duo samples (OGX Gravity-Defying & Hydration & O2 duo and Strength & Body Bamboo Fiber-full duo).

The stuff in purple is for Kid 1, the stuff in blue is for Kid 2, and the stuff in red is for me. I guess the samples are for me too. lol

Now you may be wondering why I said only part of my order arrived. If you look above, you’ll see I wrote that I have 2 of the J.Cat Beauty Eye Vault. Yeah, I didn’t order 2 of those. What I ordered was 1 eye vault and 1 lip vault. They sent me the wrong item. Not to harp but I also never requested those shampoo/conditioner samples either. But they sent fragrance samples that I did request. The shampoo/conditioners were just extra I guess.

I ordered a lot of makeup in this order so if this had come in 1 massive box, I would be a lot more understanding about this mix up. However, they split this order into 3 separate boxes for shipment. The box that should have had the lip vault was supposed to ship with ONLY the lip vault and no other product. How they mixed this up, I’ll never know. Maybe the lip vault also comes in that pink bag and they are stored directly next to each other at the distribution center? Er… no. I checked the tracking information. The one with the real eye vault shipped out of Indianapolis, IN while the one that should have had the lip vault shipped out of Harrisburg, PA. Dang, it was such an easy explanation. :/

I called Ulta immediately after discovering the error. The lady on the phone was very nice and took down my information. She apologized and said they would send the correct item out. She said they would send me a confirmation email. I have yet to get the confirmation email. It has been a little over two hours. Mistakes happen. If I haven’t gotten that confirmation email by tomorrow evening though, I will probably be calling again. I am missing a set containing 9 items out of a single order. I want what I paid for.

In summary, they sent me the wrong item that happened to be a duplicate item of something else I ordered. I’m not one to flip out and show my tail just because something happens. To’s credit, here are the things they did right:

  • My order arrived insanely fast. I ordered it late on 1/27/2017. It showed up today on 1/31/2017.
  • Other than the 2 palettes which I can’t open because they are gifts, I can confirm that everything that arrived came in good condition without any kind of damage. They go out of their way to make sure product ships securely.
  • When I called the customer service line about my issue, I was on hold for less than 1 minute.
  • The customer service lady, Felicia, was very friendly. She apologized for the error, looked up my order promptly, and offered an immediate resolution. So far, I am very happy with’s customer service.
  • When I asked how to go about returning the extra eye vault, Felicia said that I can keep it for my trouble. That was very kind of them. I still want my lip vault though.

When my lip vault arrives, I will be treating it like it is a new order I suppose. This one is already here and I want to open my stuff. lol

Now I’m left to wait it out and see if upholds their promise of customer satisfaction. I really hope they do. C’mon Ulta, don’t let me down. We have a really good thing going here. Please actually send my confirmation email and my lip vault! Or at least refund my $26.00 + tax if it is out of stock. It is still showing in stock on but I got burned like that with the ELF fuchsia matte lip color earlier this month on It showed in stock when I ordered it but it went out of stock while the order was processing (but also still showed in stock for several days afterwards). So maybe that is what happened here. I’ll be sad but as long as I get a refund, I’ll be okay.

I got free makeup in the end (provided I get my stuff or a refund). I don’t know what I’m going to do with that extra eye vault. It is 9 eye products in a cute little pink mesh bag. There are 2 eyeshadow crayons, 2 loose eyeshadow pigments, 2 pressed eyeshadows, 1 baked triple eyeshadow, 1 eyeliner, and 1 mascara primer in there. I don’t tend to give stuff to the kids if I can’t do it fairly and I refuse to put (potentially) good products in the box of shame. However, I really don’t need 2 of each of these items either. Maybe I will do a giveaway. Ooooh that could be fun! Until I figure out what to do with it, that little bag is going to stay tied up and the whole thing will be secured away from everything else.

Have you ever had an issue ordering from where you didn’t get what you ordered? How did that situation get resolved? I’m nervous now!

❤ Dee



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