Makeup Monday

This is not a regular segment and I’m not going to start posting selfies daily or anything. However, I wanted to share some interesting things going on with my makeup today.


Not going to lie, I filtered the crap out of this photo. Not for vanity but because my freaking light is driving me crazy. I cannot get away from bad lighting. Either it is shadowy and yellow in my bedroom or blinding and washed out in the bathroom. There is no happy medium. I took this in the hallway between my bedroom and the bathroom and it still sucked. :/

Anyways, this is what I have going on today:

  • Face: Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream in light-medium, ELF loose powder in sheer, Ulta blush in honey bunny, and ELF baked highlighter in blushed gems. No primer, contour, or bronzer!
  • Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion, Wet N Wild trio in Plaid to the Bone (only 2 of the 3 shades), Revlon Colorstay auto pencil in black brown, and Essence Get Big Lashes Triple Black mascara. No eyebrow filler.
  • Lips: All ColourPop – lip primer, lip liner in dopey, and ultra matte lip in Viper.

I have a few things to point out with today’s makeup.

  1. Smashbox claims this BB cream is a 5-in-1 product that includes primer. We shall see about that. It works well with primer. Let’s see how it works without it.
  2. That mascara is kind of amazing. It does the thickness I want without adding length. 100% what I need. It is comparable out the gate to Perversion. I have to see how it does all day but I might have found my drugstore version of Perversion! If it lasts all day and is easy to take off at night, I might cry. 😀
  3. I love this lip color but I’m not crazy about how the matte lipsticks dry. My lips are nice and supple right now. Exfoliated and lip balmed. Smooth as a baby’s butt. So why am I seeing every single line in my lips now? That is slightly irritating. If this flakes off, I’m going to be mad.

Alright, that’s it. Thanks for indulging me while I fret about my makeup today. I know this is a bit different that my usual makeup reviews. Are these kinds of posts interesting? Should I do more full face makeup posts or just stick to my regular stuff? I won’t be insulted if you say stick to my regular stuff, fyi. 😀


3 thoughts on “Makeup Monday

  1. I edited this post as I had the name of the mascara wrong. It was incorrectly listed as “Essence Love Live Lash Triple Black mascara” when it should have been “Essence Get Big Lashes Triple Black mascara” instead. I have J.Cat Beauty on my mind and mixed it up with Essence. My bad. All fixed now. 😀


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