In The Bag/Unboxed #6

I just got home from Ulta. What an expensive trip! This In the Bag will be a bit different than the last few. First, it is about as mini of a haul as it gets. I got a service and bought 4 items. I got a free gift too. Second, none of this swatches so there will be no Swatch Me #6. Third, considering how little content there is, there won’t be an Unboxed #6 either. I am going to combine it into this post just because it would end up being 4 or 5 lines long, if that.


I got my manicure done. My nails look lovely. ❤

These are OPI gel nails in the shade I Knead Sour-Dough.

Normally, I go for a much darker red shade but I saw this and thought I would try something different. I really like the color. Dallas did a great job, once again. The service was $40.00 and I gave him a $10.00 tip.

When I go back in 3 weeks, I’m going to get the same shade but ask for the matte top coat instead of the gloss top coat. I’ve never tried the matte top coat so that will be something different. 🙂

Sadly, my Ulta was, yet again, out of stock of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. I was very  sad. I complained to Dallas about the injustice of that palette always being frigging out of stock despite the website saying they have it in the physical store. He said he’d talk to the prestige brand manager and see if they are going to restock it again soon. He is the salon manager. I was tempted to ask him to grab a palette when they restock, put it back for me, and call me immediately. But I didn’t. We aren’t quite that friendly yet. This was only my 2nd service with him. However, he remembered me from 4 weeks ago on sight and knew I had an appointment so he not only remembered my face but remembered my name too. That was impressive.

I can’t go into Ulta and not buy something. Actually, I can’t go into any store and not buy anything. I always worry the staff will think I’m shoplifting if I only run in to use the restroom or browse. I always buy something.

16409712_10100930941045049_31544272_o I did indeed pick up a bottle of Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau De Parfum. I really wanted the 3 ounce bottle ($115.00 or $38.34/oz) because that is the better buy. By a lot. But they only had the 1 ounce and 1.6 ounce bottles. I picked up the 1.6 ounce bottle for $91.00 ($56.88/oz). I have never paid that much for one item outside of my computer and phone I believe. It hurt a little. I was super scared it wasn’t going to be the right scent. They didn’t have testers out so I couldn’t see for myself what the scent difference is between the Eau De Parfum and the Eau De Toilette. There shouldn’t be a difference but has 2 different descriptions of the scents. This is shrink-wrapped and boxed. The bottle itself is very decorative. I opened it as soon as I got home. It is the right scent!

Dallas reminded me to ask about a free gift with purchase since I spent so much on the perfume. Yves Saint Laurent does not have an active gift with purchase right now though. The cashier dug through their stash of free stuff anyways and ended up coming up with this pink and white Juicy Couture cinch backpack. I’ll never use it as a backpack but it is nice and sturdy. I appreciate free stuff so I’ll find something to use it for eventually.

I picked up a couple Essence mascaras to try out. The Essence brand is b1g1 50% off right now. These mascaras were $3.99 each. For some reason, they did not ring up on sale. I wasn’t paying attention so I just let it go after the fact. In the grand scheme of things, $2 doesn’t matter that much. There were too many people in line behind me and the girl had already found me a free bag. I got the Get Big Lashes Triple Black mascara and the Get Big Lashes Volume Curl mascara. These weren’t packaged at all. They weren’t even sealed. I didn’t realize that until I got them home. I’m a little put off by that because, quite frankly, people are disgusting around makeup. I constantly see people that either open a sealed product to test it, dig out a pan in a palette, or just outright steal the testers. Pathetic, if you ask me. The fact that these mascaras were sitting on the shelf open makes me a bit queasy. Looking back, none of them were sealed though. I grabbed mine from the back-middle of the containers. Maybe they aren’t contaminated by nasty? Ugh…

The last thing I grabbed was a restock item of cotton rounds. I only have 5 rounds left out of my last pack and I use 2 a day. I normally get these at WalMart for $2.00 or so. These rounds from Ulta were $3.49. Grrrr. If WalMart was closer to Ulta, I would have gone to WalMart instead for these. The next time I get to WalMart, I will be picking up enough back stock of these things to last a few months or 12.

This was a small In the BG but a very expensive one (total cost was $159.39 counting the tip). My haul should get here by Friday next week and will make up for it though in quantity and swatches. 😀 Just a reminder, there will not be an Unboxed #6 or a Swatch Me #6. These will skip right to #7 to match with the next In the BAG.


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