Solo Traveler #39: Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

I should have posted this with my first mascara review. With mascaras, I have some particulars that I need for a mascara to be usable.

  1. I don’t need much length. My eyelashes are long as it is and I wear glasses every day. I don’t like curling my lashes so if I get much additional length, they rub up against my lenses. Then I have to curl my lashes after I’ve put the mascara on which can break lashes off or pull them out. Not good. I never go in for mascaras that are all about length.
  2. I do need thickness. I don’t have a ton of eyelashes. I refuse to wear falsies so mascara is my only hope. Thickening the lashes I have is my primary goal with mascara. Fake it til you make it, right?
  3. I need long-wear time without it requiring an act of God to take it off at night. I don’t use waterproof mascara for this reason. I cannot deal with a mascara that starts flaking off during the day. If I do a makeup checkup after lunch and see black flecks all over my glasses and cheeks, I’m unamused. If I have to spend 15 minutes removing mascara at night (and risk damaging my lashes), I am also unamused.
  4. Lastly, while not a requirement, I do prefer the “old-fashioned” bristle spoolies. I don’t know if those are synthetic hairs or what, but basically, if the spoolie has those bristles and a shape that is wide on the wand end and tapered on the tip end, it will automatically earn my favor. These kind of bristles on the different shaped spoolies take some getting used to but I don’t immediately dislike them for their shape so long as they have the right bristles. I dislike the spoolies with hard plastic bristles. I have this issue of stabbing myself violently with those, especially if I’m trying to wiggle the wand close to my lash line. Mascaras with those kind of spoolies automatically get a suspicious side-eye from me.

My first high-end mascara was Urban Decay Perversion. I got a sample size and was immediately hooked the first time I tried it out. I scored it at a 23.

16244770_10100924203387369_271989234_oThis mascara retails at $22.00 ($55.00/oz). I was highly skeptical of a $22 mascara. In my mind, mascara is mascara, despite the 100s of different formulations available. How can a company sell this mascara for $22 when that drugstore brand sells theirs with the same product claims for $9? How wrong I was…

I just want to point out that this mascara has the exact bristle type and wand shape that I like the best.

This was the first mascara that I have ever used that gave me the thickness I desire with 1 coat. And a 2nd coat? OMG the thickness of my lashes. It didn’t veer over into spider lash territory with the 2nd coat either. I was very appreciative of that. I don’t like spider lashes at all and avoid them when I can. Perversion does not increase length much. If you want length, this is not the mascara for you.

Maybe it was due to the thickness I got with this mascara, but the pigment looked darker than any of the drugstore mascaras I have used in the past. As dark as this is, I would notice if it were to flake off during the day. It doesn’t. Yay!

I can easily wear Perversion for a full 12-hour day. When I get home, I don’t have that dreaded raccoon eyes from it melting during the day. However, with a good makeup remover, this comes off as easy as the drugstore mascaras I have tried. Of all of the high-end mascaras I have tried, this one removes the easiest without taking a few eyelashes with it.

I highly recommend Perversion mascara. I bought a full size for myself after using the sample just 1 time. I gave my 2nd sample to Mom and she was hooked too. I got her a full size of this for Christmas. I like it enough that I’ve bought 2 full size versions in a month. That is high praise coming from me.

From the picture above, you can see that I own this in the full retail size, the deluxe sample size (from Sephora’s Favorites Lash Party that I received as a Christmas gift), and the sample size that I received as a gift with purchase of one of my Urban Decay palettes.

What is your favorite mascara?


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