Solo Traveler #38: Cream Lipsticks (part 2)

This is my last bulk lipstick review. It is also my last bulk review of all the makeup I had prior to starting this blog. Yay! As of writing, I have 17 more solo reviews coming up of makeup I have purchased/received since mid-December. That doesn’t count what I got in my January Ipsy bag!

I’m so excited to start getting into single item reviews. I will keep this one relatively short.


My favorite lipstick of the cream formula is Ulta Lip Butters. They are $9.00 ($81.82/oz) and there are a lot of shades to choose from. I have this in ravishing, encore, and stargazer. They scored a 20.

These lipsticks feel amazing on the lips, more like a lip balm than a lipstick. They are more sheer in color than other lipsticks but you still get a lot of pigmentation. I pick up a chemical smell in these but Kid 1 has a couple of them and she swears I’m crazy. Whatever. I like this product a lot. Once I move beyond the berry phase, I’ll gladly try more colors.

I have 2 ELF Lipsticks. They are $1.00 ($7.69/oz) and I really didn’t expect much from them. They scored a 15, surprising me a bit. I have shades posh and nostalgic.

These smell a bit at first but it goes away. Probably because the lipstick goes away. It isn’t as quick as the L’Oreal and Rimmel lipsticks I reviewed yesterday. But I have to reapply ever few hours to keep my lips from looking patchy. That is especially true when I’m wearing posh because it is red. Nostalgic is a pinky-coral so it doesn’t show patchiness as quickly.

I won’t buy them again despite the low price. There are just too many good lipsticks out there in the matte and liquid type to keep collecting these cream lipsticks that I won’t use.

The last lipsticks I am reviewing today is Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks. These are $1.99 ($18.09/oz) at Walmart. These are semi-matte cream lipsticks. I scored them at an 18. I have the shades cinnamon spice, bare it all, just peachy, and sand storm.

If you look at the picture above, you’ll see these are a bit messy in the tube. Cinnamon spice is the worst. I bought it like that and actually pulled every single one out from the shelf to find one that didn’t look like that. The one I bought was the least messy and it looks horrible. The smears are on the clear lid, not the black tube. I really need to clean that up.

Overall, these Wet n Wild lipsticks are my 2nd favorite cream lipsticks (lip butters being #1). They last for 3-4 hours at a time. They don’t smell overwhelmingly of chemicals or flowers. The formula is smooth. With a lip liner, these do not feather. They aren’t as soft as regular creamy lipsticks so I think that helps.

These are definitely good go-to lipsticks if you don’t like the drying that comes with liquid lipsticks or other matte lipsticks. The price is awesome. I don’t really need more but if they come out with new shades of this product, I’ll probably pick a few of them up.

Alright, lipsticks are finished! Time to get into some high-end mascara and lipstick reviews. 😀


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