ELF, You’re Killing Me

I check elfcosmetics.com every day to every-other-day to see if the coral matte lip color is back in stock. The chat representative told me last week that they’d be restocking coral soon. So I just checked…

Not only is coral not in stock but fuchsia isn’t even listed anymore. What the what?! If you’re new here or have forgotten, my goal is to have all of the matte lip colors. Coral is always sold out. I ordered fuchsia back in December and it went out-of-stock after I placed my order so it never arrived.

I will definitely have to check in tomorrow to see if the chat is open and ask what is going on. Surely they haven’t discontinued a product they just sold out of 3-4 weeks ago and had to restock. Surely?!

My coveted 15/15 may be downgraded to a 14/14 and I will still be waiting for the dang coral! Gah!


One thought on “ELF, You’re Killing Me

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