Solo Traveler #37: Cream Lipsticks (part 1)

Despite the fact that I don’t wear cream lipsticks very often, I own a hellofalot of them. I have no idea why. I bought a lot of these early on, thinking I’d be into them. It wasn’t until the ELF matte lip colors that I even liked lipstick. The amount of these that I own is very excessive.

Let’s start looking at the lipsticks where I only own 1 of that formula.cream-lipstick-1

I picked up NYX Lipstick in thalia for $3.99 ($17.35/oz) from Meijer to match the pale pink lip liner from NYX. The color match was initially spot on. I went back and picked up a 2nd lipstick along with a 2nd lip liner and the colors don’t match. Ugh. I scored this lipstick at a 15.

This lipstick has a distinct chemical smell. It does fade but don’t huff this stuff. It doesn’t last very long because it transfers onto everything. I have reapply at least once an hour to keep the color.

I will not buy more.

I got NYC Lipstick in café for $1.00 ($9.09/oz) from Dollar Tree. You get what you pay for and this one scored 11. Are we surprised at this point?

So this lipstick doesn’t smell. That is good. And about the only good thing going for this product. The color is patchy so you have to layer. I tried applying it with a brush instead of swiping it on. That was marginally better. It transfers to everything and bleeds constantly despite lip liner.

No, I will not buy more of this lipstick. I am done with Dollar Tree makeup, I swear. Here is another offering for the box of shame.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in blushing berry came from WalMart for $8.99 ($69.15/oz). It scored a 13.

Out the gate, this product has such a strong smell that it made my eyes water. It fades but it takes a few blots to get it under control. This lipstick also doesn’t stick around very long at all. It doesn’t survive morning coffee. I typically have to reapply as soon as I get to work and then again before our first morning meeting. By lunch time, I’ve given up every time. -.-

Never again.

The color is beautiful so I keep it around, hoping I’ll find a way to fix it to my lips for more than an hour.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in first class nude also came from WalMart. I picked it up for $6.99 ($49.93) after café didn’t work out. I was trying to find a nude lipstick that worked. This one scored a 13 and I am still on the hunt for a working nude lipstick. I’m stuck with ELF matte lip colors in neutral and praline until then. Not that I’m complaining…

One thing I’ll say is at least this lipstick doesn’t smell like the L’Oreal one. It doesn’t last though, similar to the L’Oreal lipstick. I constantly have to reapply it. Rimmel has a huge color range in this formula but based on this trial, I will never try them out.

I haven’t tossed this one yet. I’m trying to find a way to keep it on my lips that doesn’t involve concrete.

I will be reviewing the Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Color and Sephora Rouge Cream in reviews coming soon. Keep an eye out for them.


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