Solo Traveler #35: Lip Gloss

Let me be very honest with you. Makeup lovers, brace yourself.

I hate lip gloss.

Why? It is sticky and goopy. My hair gets stuck in it and then dries in my hair. It ends up all over my face. It leaves greasy smudges all over my coffee cup. It needs to be reapplied constantly and the cycle repeats itself. 😦

This review is admittedly heavily biased and negative. I regret that but it is what it is. *shrug*

I don’t know why I own lip glosses but I have a few. I actually purchased most of them too. Why?lip-gloss

I picked up Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lip Gloss in Sunny Day early on into my makeup obsession. I figured since I was trying stuff I thought I would hate for years and years, maybe I wouldn’t hate lip gloss too. I was wrong. This gloss is $9.00 ($45.00/oz) at WalMart and it scored a 17.

Now, I will say that this lip gloss moisturizes my lips like it is supposed to. My problem is that it is sticky like every other gloss I own and I can’t stand it. I’m actually thankful this gloss doesn’t last more than an hour. Ugh.

I’ve kept it around since July. I keep wanting to put it in the box of shame but I haven’t yet.

I own 2 NYC Plumping Lip Gloss. I got them at Meijer for $5.75 ($14.74/oz). As far as lip glosses go, these are very good for the money if you can stand them. I can’t stand them and they scored a 10.

I have this in pleasantly plump pink and voluminous peach. The colors are fairly true. They tingle for a few seconds but I’ve yet to see any kind of plumping with either one. The worst part is that this gloss gets everywhere. When it is on my lips, it slides down onto my chin. When it is in the bottle, it somehow squishes out and gets on everything around it. And that is with it standing upright. If it falls over, game over. It will just ooze out of the bottle no matter how tight the cap is screwed on.

I have no idea why I purchased these other than I thought the plumper was interesting. More so, I don’t know why I haven’t tossed them yet.

The only lip gloss I didn’t buy was the ELF Extra Lip Gloss in scott. These are $2.00 ($22.22/oz) at WalMart and online. I have 2 of them in the same shade and they both came as gifts with purchase. They scored a 15.

These are probably the least terrible of all of these lip glosses. They are sticky but not super sticky. They move around but more feathery around my lips rather than dripping onto my chin. They don’t get all over everything else that I own.

The color of the gloss isn’t too bad actually although I have 2 in the same shade and they definitely are not the same color. One of them is more pink than the other.

I actually tried to make one of these matte a couple weeks ago by dusting translucent powder over the top. It was a disaster. It clumped up and fell off my lips in chunks. Oh well, I tried. I keep both of these and I have no idea why.

Do you have a certain kind of product that you hate but can’t throw out? Why?


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