Experimenting Post #4

I have been experimenting with the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum since December 15th.

If you want to catch up on previous posts, read the following:

I promised a 30-day trial picture and I am about 7 days overdue. This was partially because of several days where I was sick and would not apply the serum in case of spreading germs. I may be a little hyper-vigilant about germs and sickness but dammit, I hate being sick.

I am about 1/2 way through the bottle at this point. The wand is no less annoying than it was in the beginning. You just learn to live with it. I still have not broken out from using this product. I am not shedding an abnormal amount of eyelashes or eyebrow hairs. And from trial and error, I know when this stuff will make my eyes burn and when they wont: if my eyes were irritated that day, this stuff will burn. Otherwise, it won’t burn. *shrug* I admit, I have plucked 1 eyebrow hair near the tail of my left eyebrow. For a week, this hair decided to stick straight out from my face. No amount of this serum, brow gel, moisturizer, etc. would make it behave and eventually it had to go. But I haven’t touched anything else at all.

The pictures side-by-side from December 15 and January 21 (33 applications out of 37 nights):

Aside from the fact that I really need to set up a brow appointment, do you see much of a different yet? I do. The biggest thing to notice is that the inner point of my left eyebrow is filling in. That was my primary goal. The 2nd trouble area is that slight bald spot where my arch should be on my left eyebrow, especially on the top edge. You can’t see it but I have little hairs growing in there. Most of them are blonde though. -.- I don’t see any growth on the tail of my eyebrow which is a little disappointing but it might show up eventually. As for my eyelashes, that is even more difficult to see. I don’t see any difference in my upper lash line honestly. However, my bottom lash line has a few new lashes on each eye that have grown in and are almost the same length as my original lower lashes.

I don’t know why I had that stupid grimace going in the first set of pictures. I tried to get that under control in the new ones.

I am committed to my goal of finishing this bottle of serum. Once I do, I will treat myself to an appointment at the Ulta brow bar and decide if this is a long-term solution to my sparse brows or not. I’m looking forward to that day because I have so many stray brow hairs that it isn’t even funny. I mean, look at the top of my right eyebrow for Pete’s sake! I’ve still got about 5 weeks to go based on the current usage amount. However, I’m not certain how I’m going to use all of this product once it gets below the wand tip. This is a gel, not a liquid, so I can’t just swirl it around to get it onto the wand. I’ll figure that out when I get there and let you know. 🙂

❤ Dee


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