Unboxed #5

Alright, let’s talk about those products I picked up in this month’s Ipsy and Morphe subscriptions! The following post is going to be very picture heavy, fyi mobile readers.

16144951_10100921683053139_757423709_oThe first item I picked up was the one thing I hoped I wouldn’t see in my Glam Bag: nail polish. I think I’ve said before that I do not paint my nails. I get them done professionally because I am horrible at painting my own nails. A 3 year old could do a better job than I do. This nail polish from Pretty Woman is a full size polish in the shade I’m Not A Ballerina. It is part of Pretty Woman’s Pantone collection and retails for $7.99. I have nothing against this polish. I’m sure it is great. I just don’t do nail polish. Also, I don’t do much pinks, especially not this pastel baby pink shade. It will get passed on to someone else.

16196192_10100921682973299_866544537_oThe next item I got was a fragrance sample from NOTE Fragrance. This is in the fragrance Pink Peony. It has a pleasant soap smell. It is very clean and fresh. I am not one that talks about fragrance. I can’t identify top notes and base notes. I can only tell if something smells nice or not and if it is going to destroy my sinuses or not. Eh. It is always hit or miss on fragrances for me. If you’re interested, this fragrance retails for $42.00 for a 30ml spray and $74.00 for a 60ml spray. I have a slight headache after sniffing this so I’m betting it will not play nice with my allergies. 😦

16196491_10100921683043159_802659794_oThe 3rd item I picked up was a sample size of Smashbox’s Camera Ready BB Cream with SPF 35. The full size retails for $39.00 for 1 ounce of product. I got the shade light-medium. I don’t pick up any smell so far. There seems to be a decent amount of product in here (.25 ounces) so I’m going to give this stuff a shot. The color might be right but I’m a bit put off by that retail price. This will have to be amazing for me to put up that much money. It applies well from the tiny amount I tried for a swatch. We shall see.

16196675_10100921682948349_2141903416_oThe 4th item I got from my Ipsy bag was a tool and I was very happy to get it. Some people were complaining about getting The Vintage Cosmetics Company rose gold tweezers but I am not part of the complainer crowd on this one. They do not seem to be available anymore on the retailer’s website but I’m guessing they retailed around the same cost as their other tools (£8.00 or around $10.00). Their product “Slanted Tweezers: Pluck To Perfection” look the same except in color.

16229828_10100921682998249_1575275258_oThe last item in my bag was a big deal for a lot of subscribers. The Manna Kadar blush in Paradise or Paradise Blush (I’m not sure which is the correct name, sorry). I can’t tell if this is full size or not. It is small but it looks identical in packaging to the one that retails for $19.00 so it might be full size. The product itself looks amazing and I can attest to how pigmented this stuff is. Wait until you see the swatches, coming up in the next post. It doesn’t smell and doesn’t seem to have any fallout. However, I have to make a complaint that I have seen others making on this. The packaging is ridiculously difficult to open. I didn’t break a nail off but it was damn near enough. I had to get Kid 1 to do it since she doesn’t have long nails right now. If she hadn’t been home, I would have had to use a butter knife. What the heck is up with that?!

That’s it for January’s Ipsy subscription.

On to Morphe!

The Morphe subscription, offered through LiveGlam.com sent out MB brushes this month. I got MB1 (deluxe powder brush, $10.99), MB4 (angled brush, $9.99), MB9 (foundation brush, $4.99), MB10 (concealer brush, $2.99), and MB 19 (oval lip brush, $1.99). The total retail value of these 5 brushes without tax is $30.95, living up to LiveGlam’s guarantee of at least $30.00 worth of brushes each month for $19.99.

16145064_10100921682479289_1555393695_oI wanted to do a special comparison of my favorite powder brush (Elf Cosmetics total face brush $2.00) and this new deluxe powder brush from Morphe. Look at the difference between those brushes. OMG. I absolutely cannot wait to try this new brush out. It is so soft and fluffy. ❤

If you’d like to sign up for Ipsy for $10/month or the Morphe Brush Club for $19.99/month, you can check out their linked websites. If you wanna use my subscriber links, this is for Ipsy and this is for Morphe. If you sign up under my link for Ipsy, I get points. I don’t think I get anything else. (???) But if you sign up for Morphe under my link, we’ll both get a free brush in the next month’s bag. That would be totally cool. 😀

❤ Dee


4 thoughts on “Unboxed #5

  1. I’ve been paying a lot of attention to what ipsy (and Birchbox) sends versus what I have checked on my preferences lately. I have doubts they even use it, I’m constantly getting black eyeliner, lip glosses, BB creams, and primers; three things I do not use! Have you noticed that with your account?

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    • This was my first Ipsy bag. I got nail polish even though I didn’t have a nail polish preference selected. However, some of the brands I had selected do sell nail polish so I assume that is how I ended up with nail polish. I’ve heard rumors that you can email them to make a one-time request to not get up to 3 specific types of products. Maybe give that a try?

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