Swatch Me #5

Only 2 swatches today even though I picked up 10 items (11 if you count the makeup bag) from the Ipsy and Morphe subscriptions.


The Manna Kadar blush in Paradise (or is it Paradise Blush?) is pigmented. Like, holy crap that is quite a color. I kept seeing people talk about it and I stupidly assumed they were exaggerating. They were not. I’m going to try this as a blush but I’m betting it will be reserved as eyeshadow.

I am holding off judgement on the Smashbox BB Cream SPF 35 in light-medium. On one hand, I know it is a BB cream so I am critical already. I like full coverage foundations and anything less feels like a waste of my time. However, that SPF 35 is very appealing and the color might actually be right. I’m going to have to try a full face with this and see just how it does before I make a judgement of yay or nay.

What do you think of that blush?!

❤ Dee


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