Solo Traveler #33: Matte Lip Crayons

If you ask my family what makeup product I have too much of, you would think they would say eyeshadows based on the last few Solo Travelers. 15817730_10100901947633079_941183386_o.jpgBut no, it is lipsticks. Below is a picture of most of my lipstick collection. It was taken before I got my order in early January and picked up several more of the matte lip colors.

I probably do have too many lipsticks. I’ll still end up buying more. 😀

matte-crayonsMy favorite lipsticks are matte crayon type lipsticks. They are a cream formula like regular lipsticks but they dry matte and they are pencil/crayon shaped which makes is super easy to line the lips. If I had to give up all other lipstick for the rest of my life for these, I would easily.

I’ve already reviewed my loves, the ELF Matte Lip Color. At the time, I owned 7 of them. I now own 13 of them. I’m still missing 2. I’ll get them soon. Hehehe.

I picked up a few more to compare to the ELF ones. I figured if my favorites were $3.00, there has to be more amazing ones out there. Eh.

Lorac Matte Lip Color– I picked up a set of 3 of these for $14 on a sale through The set normally retails for $28.00 and they normally retail individually at $18.00 ($600.00/oz). I have the shades burgundy wine, autumn, and Italian rose.

These do not have a sharpener so you have to use them equally on each side or you’ll break the tip off eventually.

These colors are not true to their display at all. The burgundy wine is red. The autumn is orange. The Italian rose is bright pink. I was very disappointed in that. More so, I was disappointed that these colors wouldn’t stay put! I got very little wear time out of them. But, I was trialing them with the Ulta Lip Primer and I know it doesn’t work. They scored a 16. I have been trying them with the ColourPop lip primer and am getting much better results. After some time redoing the trial process, I am now scoring these lipsticks at an 18.

Ulta Matte Lip Crayon– I got this for free during a B2G2 sale on They normally retail for $8.00 ($100.00/oz). They scored a 15 and only the fact that there is a nice range of colors saved them from being in the dud category.

I made a post a while back complaining about this lipstick. The color is not true to the package at all. It was barely darker than my regular lip color. And it doesn’t last. I tried it 2 days in a row. The first day, I used the Ulta Lip Primer. The 2nd day, I used the ColourPop lip primer. There was no difference. I can’t keep this barely visible lipstick on my lips. Just as with the Ulta Lip Primer, if I hadn’t gotten it free, I would return it.

It is in the box of shame and I doubt I’ll ever buy another matte lip crayon from Ulta again. Very disappointed in this product.

Eventually, I will review the matte lip crayon I picked up for Christmas from Bite. Just a heads up, it does in fact beat out the ELF ones. Keep watching for that. That review will be posted soon.

Have you ran across any matte lip crayons that work outside of ELF for a similar cost?


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