Solo Traveler #32: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes

The last eyeshadows I will be reviewing for a while are my Urban Decay palettes. These are the only high-end eyeshadows that I own. I rated all of these as 1 product and came up with a score of 21. Uh… don’t mind my leopard print pajama pants chilling in the mirrors. 😀

15817602_10100901717144979_513484141_o.jpgI own 3 palettes:

The Shadowbox. I got this on sale for $18.00. It was at that price point at a lot of retailers and I am not certain which one I got it from. I *think* mine came from Macy’s but don’t quote me on that. From what I understand, this palette is being discontinued, which is why all the retailers dropped the price 50%. This is an all shimmer palette, with 12 eyeshadows that range from slight shimmer to lots of shimmer. The shadows have a lot of fallout and you can’t really complete a full look with this palette alone. However, there are a lot of fun colors in there to play around with. My personal favorite from this palette is bordello. I love the magnetic closure and the mirror inside. Excellent palette if you can still get it at $18 or less.

Alice Through the Looking Glass. I was in love with this palette the first time I saw it for the packaging alone. It is so psychedelic and has alice through the looking glass quotes and a 3D butterfly. Ugh! ❤ I got it on sale for either $32.00 or $34.00 I think on There is a decent mirror in there, even though it is small. The eyeshadows slide out of a removable drawer. You get a mix of 20 matte and shimmery shades. Like Shadowbox, these have a ton of fallout but the number of looks possible with this set is huge. Dream On is the only disappointing shade in the set. It is a shimmery gray-blue but it has 0 pigmentation. Supposedly, it is supposed to be “shimmer only” and have no color. Then why go through the trouble of giving it a gray-blue color? -.- The double ended brush that came with this palette matches the outside box and is fantastic.

Vice XX Lmt. Reloaded. I didn’t intend to get this palette but when I saw it going on sale for $34 or $36 on Black Friday, I decided I wanted to try it out. I am so glad I did. This palette has gotten a workout since I picked it up from That sleek black packaging is always attractive to me. The push button closure keeps everything safe. And the mirror inside is ginormous! It is the same size as the packaging. Not something I see incredibly often with mirrors. There are 20 shadows in this palette and it is a mix of old retired shades, best-selling/most popular shades, and a few new ones. It is limited edition and from what I can tell, is already off the market. I knew I wanted to try mildew out first as soon as I saw the color selection. The brush that came with this set is the exact same as the brush in the Alice Through the Looking Glass palette, except it is solid purple to match the writing on the front of this palette.

In all, I have 52 different pans of eyeshadow from Urban Decay and 2 of those are repeats. Smog is in Shadowbox and Vice XX Lmt. Reloaded. I like that color so I’m definitely okay with that. Despite how happy I am with these palettes, Urban Decay does not currently have any other palettes out that I am interested in. I find their Naked palettes to be boring and I’m not into the neon palette. Maybe they will come out with someone new this year that catches my eye.

What do you think of Urban Decay eyeshadows? Are they worth the cost?

That is it for eyeshadow reviews! I believe all I have left to cover are lipsticks and then I will be onto individual reviews. Yay!


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