How Does Ipsy Work?

16145111_10100921683177889_709506686_oIpsy is a monthly themed makeup subscription. It uses a beauty quiz to match 5 different products with different subscribers each month for $10/month. These products can range from sample size to full size products. They have a wide variety of products to choose from on hand each month. In January, there were more than 30 potential items that could go into the Glam Bags.

Ipsy says they try to not send duplicates to a subscriber month-to-month but I’ve seen some complaints from people getting the same sample product 3 months running so I guess it is probably closer related to fate (and whatever they have more samples of in their warehouse at the time). It is entirely possible for 2 subscribers to get completely different Glam Bags and for 2 other subscribers to get identical Glam Bags.

The only guaranteed duplicate from one subscriber to the next is the Glam Bag itself, the 6th product provided every month, which is designed around whatever that month’s theme might be. For $120/year, you get 12 makeup bags and 60 makeup products (of various sizes that may or may not repeat themselves at some point). As long as I don’t get 60 different nail polishes, I’m down with that.

That beauty quiz seems to be the string that ties this whole service together. They are supposed to use user-input data to select the best products each month to send out to each individual subscriber. My profile is fairly straight forward:

  • light brown hair
  • blue eyes
  • medium skin (so I don’t get porcelain products)
  • somewhat comfortable with makeup
  • brands:
    • glamglow
    • it cosmetics
    • tarte
    • kat von d
    • luxie
    • makeup forever
    • nars
    • ofra
    • smashbox
    • tom ford
    • too faced
    • urban decay
  • products I use:
    • mascara
    • foundation
    • blush
    • brushes/tools
  • skin care I use:
    • moisturizer
    • toner/mist
  • eyeshadows I’d prefer:
    • neutrals
    • plums
  • eyeliner I’d prefer:
    • black
    • brown
  • lips I’d prefer:
    • berries
    • neutrals
  • nail polish I’d prefer: (none)
  • blush I’d prefer:
    • peaches
  • fragrance I’d prefer:
    • fresh
    • floral
  • shopping
    • ulta
    • sephora
    • walmart
  • skin concerns
    • redness
    • oiliness and large pores
  • hair description (none)

Based on the Ispy hack article I read recently, I’m going to change my profile slightly. I don’t know that #2 & #3 still applies because I was never asked those style questions. However, #1, #4, #5, and the bonus tips are still applicable and look very useful. I will figure out a way to never get nail polish again! So I’ve cut my brands list down to 3 (it cosmetics, makeup forever, and smashbox). I took blush off my products list. I took floral off of my fragrance list because I don’t have a clue how that got checked and took fresh off too so I have no fragrances checked. We’ll see how Ipsy works out in February. 😀

What does your Ispy beauty quiz look like?


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