Solo Traveler #30: ELF and Wet N Wild Eyeshadows

When I started the Score Card, I decided to only rate 1 eyeshadow from each brand. I realize that was a bad idea now. I really should rate each type of eyeshadow. So I had to go back in and do some more ratings.

15778501_10100901717274719_159836854_oI found Elf Smudge Pot in brownie points at the Dollar Tree. It normally retails at $3.00 ($15.79/oz). I gave it a score of 13.

No matter what primer I use, I cannot get this product to work as a cream eyeshadow like it should. It works perfectly fine as an eyeliner though. Inside the pot, the product is chunky and takes forever to pick up on a brush. It also has a very distinct floral smell.

I have a feeling this product is a dud formula-wise. There has to be a reason it was at the Dollar Tree and I think the formula is to blame for that. I see rave reviews on this product often so I’m leaning toward buying one that isn’t at the Dollar Tree and retrying it. Until then, this product is in the box of shame.

I bought a Elf Baked Eyeshadow Trio in peach please and later received smoky sea as a gift with purchase. These retail at $4.00 ($28.57/oz) on and at WalMart. I gave them a score of 18.

Baked makeup is a huge trend right now. I’m not overly crazy about them myself. In my experience, they take a bit more work to get the product to start going and then they are just as dusty as regular pressed powder products. These eyeshadows are no exception to that.

The colors are beautiful and they tend to last about 10 hours before major issues start. Always nice with eyeshadow. The fallout is kind of a pain though. The peach please eyeshadow is actually flaking off every time I use it. So we aren’t talking about specks of powder, we’re talking about sheets of it. That is very annoying.

I haven’t swore off baked products because of that. I mean, I bought a baked highlighter a couple months ago. But I don’t think I’ll pick up any more baked eyeshadows.

Elf Eyeshadow Quad in tantalizing taupe came as a gift with purchase. It retails for $2.00 ($14.29/oz). I scored it at a 14 but I really didn’t try it out long enough to rate it to its maximum potential.

Like my tiny Exact Lash mascara, this one went missing a few weeks ago and was found in Mom’s makeup vanity. Since Kid 1 doesn’t use brown shades, I’m betting Kid 2 was responsible for this one going missing. Once again, no one knows how it got there. -.-

The 1 time I got to use this quad, the product was powdery and only lasted about 8 hours before it started fading away. It didn’t crease. The color just left. The color was really pretty though. I wish I had gotten to try it a few more times.

I told Mom to put it back in her vanity or throw it away. I’m not touching it. Nope. I got it out for the picture and that is it. I have so many other eyeshadows that I doubt I’ll buy this one again.

15817819_10100901717234799_112485382_o.jpgI have a lot of Wet N Wild eyeshadow sets. The trios are $3.00 ($14.29/oz) each at CVS. I picked up 3 of those on a b2g1 free sale. I have 2 of the 2016 holiday trios, velour vixen and plaid to the bone, plus a normal stock trio called spoiled brat. I also have 2 5-shadow palettes (the naked truth and floral values) that I picked up at WalMart at some point. I don’t remember where the 8-shadow palette came from but it is in comfort zone.

I gave these shadows an overall score of 18. They don’t smell but they all have a ton of fallout. The colors are vibrant and last about 10 hours. The shade range in Wet N Wild eyeshadows is just astonishing. I love them for that.

I will certainly pick up more of these eyeshadow sets in the future, especially their seasonal sets. Velour Vixen is a beautiful set and I should have picked up a backup set before they sold out at my local CVS.

Did you get any holiday sets this year that won’t be around anymore? Which ones do you regret not picking up a duplicate?


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