ELF Hydrating Bubble Mask

Since I have started this makeup journey, I have tried quite a few masks as I use a mask twice a week with my skincare routine. I’ve used 4 or 5 different clay masks from Freeman Feeling Beautiful, 1 clear peel-away mask from Freeman Feeling Beautiful, a black peel-away mask from some random company I found online, a random sheet mask I found at Sephora, and now the Elf Hydrating Bubble Mask.


Successful no-fuss application of mask, just the way I like it.

Clay masks – I love these. I can really push this into the bendy parts of my nose and and have a good deal of control over where the product goes. I’m messy with these since I have to take off my glasses to apply it. I get it in my hair and eyebrows. But I’m better about not getting it too close to my eyes. When it starts to dry, it can itch slightly. I’m used to that by now. The Freeman Feeling Beautiful brand is very reasonably priced too.


No idea what is with that attitude pose but I dig it.

Peel-away masks – If I can get this in something other than clear, I like these. The clear one I have from Freeman Feeling Beautiful is such a pain to peel off once it is dry. I can’t find the edge to start peeling it! The black one I got from online (Wish.com… not recommended) has no English directions so I don’t even know if I’m using it right. But it does what it is supposed to do. These don’t make me itch as they dry but I get very impatient waiting for it to dry.


I’m melting. Send help.

Sheet mask – Uh… this was a disaster. The sheet mask I picked up was a full face mask and let me tell you, one size does not fit all. Even laying down, this mask moved around on my face because it was too big. It looked like my face was melting and felt so slimy. The amount of product on the mask could have contributed to the movement I experienced but this just sucked. I didn’t feel refreshed. My skin didn’t feel moisturized. I felt exhausted and like I needed another shower. Maybe the small piece-by-piece ones will work for me but I stay away from full face sheet masks now. I wish I remembered which mask it was that I bought.


That is not my stuff behind me in this picture. That is one of the collections of random hygiene and first aid things Mom and the girls keep in the bathroom. I don’t even keep my toothbrush in the bathroom.

Bubble Mask – These are a huge trend right now. I’ve been looking at the one from ELF but always passed on it because it is $14.00. That is a lot of money to spend on something that I don’t even know I will like or will be okay on my skin. When I could get it for 50% off, I took the plunge. Better to waste $7 than to waste $14. I tried it tonight and I do not like it. Not at all. I toughed it out for about 8 minutes before I had to wash it off. It felt like I had bugs crawling all over my face. I’m not sure what I expected from a bubble mask but it wasn’t that feeling. I nearly had an anxiety attack, no joke. I kept watching it to make sure it wasn’t dripping off my face because it felt like it was moving. My face did not feel hydrated once I washed it off. It didn’t feel any different other than no crawlies. Ughhh. Never again.

I better not be broken out in the morning because of this mask. I will be angry. I just got the rosacea flair from last week’s fever under control today. I didn’t think this through at all.


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